Friday, June 29, 2012

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Just My o"PIN"ion on Homemade Ice Packs

Shapeable Ice Packs

I have a crappy body, I'm sad to say.  At the age of 33 I often find myself smothered with Icy Hot, pulling the heating pad out yet again or icing my knee that has scars of the abuse I've inflicted on it.  Now I still cherish that body and won't say too many bad things about it as I know it could put up a harder fight and probably win.  So, I just treat it like I treat a new batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the, I have no idea why I just said that because stuffing as many of them in my mouth without burning myself has really nothing to do with how I treat my body, or does it?!  Can you tell I am just really craving chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  Geesh!  Why didn't I choose to do the "World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" this week for my review?

Anyway, here is where I'm going with this.  I found this pin on Pinterest for a shapeable ice pack.  I won one similar to this in a giveaway from a local chiropractor's office and LOVED it!  However, I recently lost it (have since found under the couch) and remembered this pin and decided it was a perfect time to give it a whirl.  You see I basically ice my knee any night that I run, so I use it often. I would love to say I'm a marathon runner but that would be a huge lie...let's just pretend I run a half marathons for entertainment purposes!! 

The Ingredients:
3 Parts Water
1 Part Rubbing Alcohol
Ziplock Bag

Just mix 3 parts water to the one part alcohol and freeze.  I did 1 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup alcohol and found that to be a good amount for the size Ziplock bag that I wanted.  The blogger also states that you could put food coloring in it for fun!  If it freezes too hard just add more alcohol or if it's too slushy, just add more water.

The Verdict:
Awesome!  It is a perfect ice pack.  It is shapeable so that it contours to my knee nicely and it is the perfect consistency.  Not only is it super easy but it's super cheap!  Easy and Cheap are a few of my favorite words, so BIG points for this project!

More Pics:

All Ready For The Freezer

Just Perfect For My Knee!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free Frappuccino at Target Starbucks!

Hey Starbucks fans! Buy a Frappuccino and get one free at all Target Starbucks locations. Offer good until July 2nd! Who wants to take me for a FREE Frappuccino??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on Brussels Sprouts!

I am going to admit that I was a picky child.  My mother was soft and would often make two dinners to please her children.  She still does this for her grandchildren, even going as far as making them all different things.  She does it out of love and the idea that anybody could get hungry is all too much for her.  I have inherited that trait somewhat, as I would always have snacks in my classroom because it was a reality, for my at-risk kids, that they actually would go hungry at times.  However, I'm not as nice with my children.  I might be mushy at times, but not soft.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I have NEVER tried a Brussels sprout.  I haven't heard good things about them.  They have a pretty bad reputation.  Kind of like me in high school!

Soooo...anyway... Brussels sprouts, back to Brussels sprouts.

I have seen this and similar recipes pinned on Pinterest talking about how these are so good and give Brussels sprouts a place in every one's fridge again.  So, I decided to give this grilled recipe from a try!  I mean it says it even won a contest with this recipe!  Plus it has Parmesan cheese as an ingredient!  Hello, cheese makes everything taste good, right?

The Ingredients:
The ingredients are all easy to find at any local grocery store.  Brussels sprouts, olive oil, spices, lemon zest, and the optional Parmesan cheese and bacon.  I had forgotten to put celery salt on my list, so my sprouts didn't have that ingredient nor did I use the bacon.

The Process:
This recipe was simple.  Slop everything together in a bowl, use tongs to place on a hot grill and flip every few minutes.  Toss back in the bowl, add optional ingredients and serve! 

The Verdict:
Here is the exact quote from my husband, "They still taste like nasty, wet, feet."  Although I wouldn't go that far, I wasn't impressed.  The outside tasted pretty good as that's where all the flavor was, but the insides were not good.  My children spit them out or simply licked them and turned their noses.  I ate about 4 just to give a good effort.  However, we will not be buying Brussels sprouts again.  As my friend said to me, "It's a love or hate relationship.  Hardly any in between."  Well, I officially break up with Brussels sprouts!  Here's to my trusty asparagus, corn on the cob and Steam Fresh Microwave Veggie bags!

Picture of the Process:
They are all tossed with the ingredients and ready for the grill!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion On The Neighborhood's Best Lemonade Stand

Tis summertime in all aspects of the word. The temperatures are rising, the fireflies are flashing in the cool breeze of the day and my children are driving me freaking insane by 10:00 am! Yep, it's summertime alright!

Since it's too early to start adding rum to the water (Diet Dr. Pepper) at those hours, I have been searching Pinterest for a delicious and non-alcoholic (remember, Pinterest is mostly lonely stay at home moms, so it's tough) lemonade to try.  I was also trying to find one that didn't require me to squeeze any lemons!  Heaven forbid I have to go to that much trouble!

So, when I found this recipe for the neighborhood's best lemonade stand, I decided to give it a shot!

The Ingredients:
*Country Time Lemonade Mix
*Pineapple Juice
*2 Cans Sprite
*2 Cups Water
*Lemons for Garnish-optional

Combine all ingredients in large pitcher and stir.  *Chill pineapple juice beforehand!

The Verdict:
This does not taste like lemonade!  Not what I was expecting.  It is a great PUNCH and would be perfect for just that.  However, I couldn't even really taste the lemonade flavor.  Next time I think I will make lemonade and maybe add a touch of pineapple juice...and maybe just a little rum in it, but only if it's after 10:01!


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