Saturday, February 26, 2011

Future CSN Giveaway!

I am sitting at my "desk" emailing different businesses about my Day of Giveaways coming up. I say "desk" because it is actually my kitchen bar! That leaves me a prime target for children, interruptions, my husband and snacking (those darn Girl Scout Cookies)! I wish I had a home office! I can't imagine having home office furniture and having a place for everything. Now...I do have a desk, but it's in the bonus room where my son's video games have taken over! Even worse than the kitchen I am afraid! has some great home office furniture! They are also great because they always sponsor my blog and do giveaways for my readers. So stay tuned for a future giveaway from

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frugal Friday Tip- $2.48 Window Treatment!

We bought our home in October and I am just now getting around to decorating other parts of the house besides the nursery! Every room needs painted, but that is a task for people that don't have a 6 week old colicky baby keeping them up! So for now, just decorating the plain jane white rooms will do!

I am decorating in my favorite "Shabby Antique Chic" look, which I love!!! I could spend all day in antique stores!!! So my husband gave me a little money and I have been having fun. I will post pics up when I get done!

I wanted a unique window treatment and couldn't find anything online, but I ran across some napkins on clearance at Target and thought...I can do something with those!

So, for $2.48 and a tension rod I already had, this is what I came up with! Pretty impressed at myself!

Coming Up In March...

I am excited about some events coming up on Coupon Deals and Steals in March!

Get Ready to have some FUN!

Are you my Facebook Fan yet? If not, you WANT to be! I share all my posts on there and even some exclusive deals! We have a great community of readers that love to share and help with saving money


To celebrate all these readers, I am having a Contributor of the Month Contest! I consider my Facebook Page a community! A place to go and find deals, chat about sales and ask each other questions. So, please go and interact and comment on my page. If you are the top contributor at the end of the month, you will get an AMAZING prize! I will probably take the top three contributors and randomly draw a winner...but not exactly sure yet.

Also, plans are underway for a DAY of Baby Giveaways on March 4th.

There are some amazing products up for grabs! You will definitely want to check back OFTEN that day!!!

So, please go tell all your friends about Coupon Deals and Steals! I may not be the biggest blog out there, or even the best, but I truly do this to help you and to have fun! I love what I do and that is because of you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Sprinkler Exclusive Deal- Wichita, KS

Hate mowing your lawn? I will admit that the only reason I will offer to mow is to get away from the kids and get a tan!

Jim and Peggy, the owners of American Sprinkler, contacted me and is offering my readers an Exclusive Deal!
*They have been in business 8 years now, and love what they do.

*They install, maintain, and repair lawn sprinkler system.
*They are licensed & insured.
*State certified back flow tester / rebuilder.
*They also do lawn care on a weekly basis.

Mention this deal and receive $5.00 Off Complete Sprinkler Start Up or $5.00 Off Your First Mowing!

American Sprinkler

Dillons Clearance-Cheap Makeup/Possibly FREE Paper Towels!

At my Dillon's (Kroger) store last night they had Seventh Generation Paper Towels on clearance for $0.99! Pair this with several Seventh Generation $1.00 off coupons from here and get them for FREE! I left two that were not marked at the Central/Maize Wichita location! If you can't get them for free, the new style/packaging is on sale for $1.79, making them just $0.79!

They also had some great beauty clearance products! I scored some Cover Girl makeup for CHEAP and they had hair products as well! So dig out those $1.00/1 Cover Girl coupons you have as well!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

*HOT* $10 Applesbees Gift Card For $5 From Mamapedia!

Hurry and Go Grab a $10 Applesbees Gift Card for Just $5 From Mamapedia! This is for new members only! ALSO 5% of Your Purchase Goes To The School Of Your Choice!!!!

I LOVE THAT! Helping and Saving At The SAME Time!
Thanks Hip2Save!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Coupons!

There are quite a few new coupons on (90210) to print and many are for the same products Dillons has as part of their Save $3 Event going on right now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meal Plan Monday! (A little Late)

Sorry I am a day late for Meal Plan Monday~had lots going on yesterday and I just simply forgot!

Here's what's for Dinner this week:

Valentine's Theme Breakfast- We had heart shaped waffles and sausage!

Leftovers/Out To Eat for Mom and Hunter

Hamburger and Rice/Biscuits/Corn

BBQ Hamburger Pockets

Sausage Hash/Biscuits/Eggs

Family Dinner or Frozen Pizzas

Friday, February 11, 2011

What a Helper!

My 2 year old loves to help me, I had to laugh when I came back from the other room and I found my Squash/Apple Casserole had gotten this addition!

What A Helper!

Frugal Friday Post- Frugal Bottle Warmer!

It's amazing the gadgets they have now for babies! It's all about convenience and making it seem like you just "have" to "HAVE" it!

One day when I was out shopping pre-baby and getting last minute things, I headed over to the bottle warmers. I was asking the sales lady at a baby chain store if she had any experience with bottle I had none! I was thinking it might come in handy for those early morning/late night feedings when I can barely see straight, let alone warm a bottle! It's then when she said...just use a crockpot! "What...a crockpot?" I said as my frugal ears were now on fire!!! So, she explained it to me, and I thought it was genius!

So, what you do is put some water in a crockpot and set it on high to get warm. It will take a few hours. When it is at the right temp just set on low or stay warm depending how your crockpot heats. Then stick a bottle of just water in and let it sit and get warm. Then when feeding time comes, pull it out and add formula! Not only is it that easy but it also humidifies your house!

You don't have to use a large crockpot for this, it's just all I have!

Has anybody else tried this? Do you have any frugal baby ideas to share?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sonic Cruisers Club-Join For Coupons!

I just wanted to remind everyone that loves Sonic, to go and join their Sonic Cruisers Club! I just received four coupons in my email today! Too bad there is 7 inches of snow on the ground and the nearest Sonic is 20 minutes away! I could sure use a Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is less than a week away, so now is the time to start thinking about what to do for that special someone(s)!

I have racked my brain for some creative, fun and FRUGAL ideas to help you celebrate the holiday of "LOVE"!

Lunch or Dinner Family Date-

Last year my family celebrated with a "Heart Themed Lunch"! Homemade pizzas w/ heart shaped pepperoni, heart brownies, red Kool-Aid, real plates, glasses and napkins!

Hershey's Kiss Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt-

When your kids wake up have them start a Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt from their bed. I heard an idea where you can have a path of Hershey's Kisses in different colors for each kid going to a special treat at the end or to their first clue. The prize doesn't have to be expensive...maybe a card, a stuffed animal, a heart shaped pancake breakfast, etc.

Make Cards- I love it when I get homemade cards. That means my husband actually had to "think" about it rather than just stop at the store. Not only does it mean more but it is so much cheaper! I can't believe cards are $3.00-$4.00 anymore!

Decorate With Hearts- Simply cut hearts out of paper, or reuse the leftovers from that page where only one coupon printed out! Then color them if you are extremely frugal and don't have colored paper and take them around the house, on the fridge, on the toilet, on the bathroom mirror! Go a step farther and leave little notes on them too! The kids will LOVE this!

Ideas For The Woman In Your Life- MEN PAY ATTENTION

*Give her a day to herself, even just an hour, heck even just breakfast!!!! I personally would just like to shave my legs in peace!!!

*Give her a massage!

*Write her a love note!

*How about crossing off some honey do's without being told! *hint*hint* Drew!!!!

Ideas For The Man In Your Life- Women Pay Attention!

*Let them do their hobby WITHOUT griping! To go the distance, let them go ALL day!

*Initiate "you know"!

*Make their favorite meal or dessert!

*Make his lunch with a special love note inside!

Do you have any Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas? Please share them with us!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Here's What's for Dinner At Our House This Week!


Out To Eat

Pork Chops w Rice/Tomato Topping-my Mother-in-Law's recipe and it's so good! Recipe to follow!

Beans and Frank Casserole from Freezer

Chili from Freezer/Hotdogs

Easy Cheesy Chicken Skillet
Breakfast for Dinner

Tater Tot Casserole


Cheese Sticks





Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Dillons Shopping Trip- Most Items Free!

Total Before Coupons/Sales-$95.82
After Coupons/Sales- $26.36!!!

Dillons is running their MegaEvent right now where if you buy 10 Participating items you get $5.00 off at checkout. There are some amazing coupons to go with many of these products making them FREE! Here is the breakdown!

MegaEvent Deals:

(6)Honest Tea or Honest Ade (16.9 oz. bottle) - $0.75*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $1.25 ea -50¢ (Note: Some areas this is an even better deal, only $0.50 after Mega Event discount-Thanks Sharon!)
Use $0.50/1 Honest Tea or Ade from HERE
Final Cost FREE plus overage!

(1)Chex Mix, Bugles or Gardetto’s Snacks (7.5-8 oz.) - $1.49*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $1.99 ea -50¢
Use $0.50/1 Gardetto’s coupon HERE (doubles)
And Use $0.50/1 Gardetto’s eCoupon Cellfire or Dillons
Final Cost FREE!

(6)Balance Bar (1.76 oz.) - $0.50*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $0.99 ea -50¢
Use $1.00/3 coupon from HERE (Facebook promotion, “Like” them first, then print coupon, you can print it twice)
Final Cost $0.17 ea.

(2)Garden of Eatin Chips (7.5-9 oz.) - $1.79*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $2.29 ea -50¢
Use $1.00/1 coupon from HERE or HERE
Final Cost $0.79 ea.

(6)Rotel Tomatoes (10 oz.) - $0.49*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items 99¢ ea -50¢
Use $1.00/3 coupon from HERE
Final Cost $0.15 ea.

(2)Zantac (24-30 ct.) - $5.50*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $6.00 ea -50¢
Use $5.00/1 coupon from HERE
Final Cost $0.50 ea.

(2)Scotch Tape or Glue Stick (select/various sizes) - $1.00*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items $1.50 ea -50¢
Use $0.55/1 Scotch Tape coupon from HERE (doubles to $1.00)
Final Cost FREE!
*Hard to find this size anymore...there is another size available for $0.50 after coupon!*

(5)Del Monte Vegetables - $0.49*WHEN YOU BUY ANY 10 Participating Items 99¢ ea -50¢
Final Cost-$0.49 ea!

MegaEvent Total-$5.45, that's just $0.18 per item!!!

Other Deals:

$2.75 When You Buy (4) RC, Diet RC, Diet Rite Cola- Attached to the 12 packs are $0.55 off coupons, doubling to $1.00! Final Cost $1.25 ea!

Vlasic Relish-$2.25 Use $1.00 Vlasic Coupon Here and $0.55/1 ECoupon Dillons Final Cost $0.70!

Full Price Items:

Organic Honey-$5.49



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