Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Children's Place- $10.00 Denim+Free Shipping+Extra 20% Off+9% Cash Back

WOW!  The Children's Place has an amazing deal on their denim right now. 

You can currently score select $10.00 jeans for just $8.00 by using coupon code E6H76QDP82 for an extra 20% off.  You will also get Free Shipping on your denim purchase until August 5th.  If that's not enough, currently has 9% cash back until August 5th from The Children's Place too!

I was able to purchase two pairs of boys jeans for $17.25!!  That's cheaper than Black Friday prices!

Thanks Christy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on Muffins and Dogs

Weird opinion header, huh? I really didn't want it to be too long. Just My o"PIN"ion on Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins and Chili Dog Casserole just didn't seem condensed enough. So, muffins and dogs about covers it. You could say that I like to eat. It's a pretty good indication when I did a recipe last week and have now done two for this week's post!

So, I do have good reason to make the muffins. A young man that is originally from our hometown, has qualified for the 2012 US Paralympics Team in London. He was involved in a car crash at a very young age in my hometown that tragically took the life of his father and left him paralyzed.  We are having a bake sale this week to raise money for traveling expenses to get his mother to watch her son in London.    So I made the muffins for that.  While I was finding a pin for the muffins, I stumbled upon a casserole that I couldn't pass up.  Since I had most of the ingredients on hand, I decided I couldn't let my readers down on this one.  I totally made it in the name of research!

The Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are from Stick A Fork In It.
The Chili Dog Casserole is from Peace, Love and Understanding.

The Ingredients:
Since there are two recipes this week, you will just have to click the recipe links and print off the ingredients yourselves.  They are your basic ingredients for the muffins.  A surprise for the casserole might be that you roll the hotdogs in tortillas.  Other than that the ingredients are not surprising.

The Directions:
Simple yet again.  The muffins were very simple.  Just a few simple steps.  The Chili Dog Casserole was even easier.  Very quick meal to put together.

The Verdict:
Both were AMAZING! 
These are probably the best muffins I have made.  The consistency was just right.  They had a great rise to them and the time directed to cook was spot on.  This is going to be my go to Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe for sure! 
The Chili Dog Casserole was pretty darn good too!  It definitely hit that craving I was having for apparently, a chili dog!  I know that I will weight a few pounds heavier tomorrow because I plan on eating a little bit more tonight along with my Boone's Farm I have cracked open right now.  I am planning on trying a light version soon.  Think Turkey Chili and FF Hotdogs and Reduced Fat Cheese!  I think it will still be yummy!  However all the fatty goodness was just plain yumminess!  The baby devoured it.  My oldest didn't care for the tortilla and the 3 year old just ate the hotdog out of it.  Pickiness is nothing new around this house!  I don't think my husband cared for the tortilla either.  He went back for seconds but put it on a bun.  LOL!  I think the tortilla part is what makes it yummy, so definitely try it the original way first!  Also, my cheese did get really done and I had to sprinkle a little more on (darn it).  Next time, I will watch that a little closer. 
These are two recipes I would definitely recommend to try off of Pinterest!  However, they will remain on my Diet?  What Diet? board! 

Pictures of the Process:

Ingredients Ready To Go!

Something you NEVER adding salt to my recipes.

Chocolate Chip Madness!

Found this idea on Pinterest too, Cupcake Liner Holder.

I knew right here it was going to be good!

Only 1/2 left.  Yum!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on S'mores Cookies

S'mores Cookies Fresh Out of the Oven

Nothing says summer like S'mores! Even though I turn my nose at them (am I the only one) they seem to be a favorite among children and adults alike.

I asked my Facebook readers to suggest a delicious, fattening recipe that would totally kill my diet. It's all in the name of research, so my diet must be sacrificed! Wonderful recipes were suggested but this is the only one that had chocolate. I am a chocolate addict! I will get to those other suggestions soon, but this lady had to have chocolate! So I chose to make this pin for S'mores Cookies from The Girl Who Ate Everything!

The Ingredients:
11 Tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar, packed
½ cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 ½ cups flour
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup mini marshmallows
3 regular sized Hershey’s bars, broken into pieces
1-2 packages graham crackers, broken into squares
**Do you know that I was totally out of chocolate chips!  I don't want to mention that I had just bought two bags just a few weeks before.  Anyway, my small town grocery store was already closed so I called a few people.  I had to call 4 people to find any.  What is up with these people in this town???**

The Directions:
Follow Instructions as the recipe states.  I didn't have parchment paper and I wasn't about to call more people, so I just sprayed the pan with cooking spray and hoped it would work!  It did!

The Verdict:
Before we get to the taste, let me mention a couple things.  I should have added more dough on the top of each graham cracker.  I did about 1 1/2- 2 tablespoons, but I should have done more.  It didn't spread over the entire crust of crackers.  I also read previous reviews and said 375 was too high, so I did 360 and it took me about 15-20 minutes instead of the 10 at 375.  I just kept checking them every few minutes.  It may take longer if you add more dough too.  I also had dough leftover so I could have made another sheet, next time I think I'll just add it all and have a thicker cookie layer.

As far as the taste goes.  These were just ok.  I think part of it was the cinnamon flavor.  I didn't like it.  I would leave this out entirely.  Cinnamon really has nothing to do with S'mores so I don't understand it anyway!  I ate one for research, okay two, but I had to be sure the other side didn't taste better!  I cut the rest and sent them to work with my husband.  I asked him what he thought when he called me at break and he said they were pretty good.  Now, I don't like S'mores, so maybe that's the deciding factor.  If you love S'mores you might love these "s'more" than I do (did you get it?).  Not sure if there will be a next time for this recipe.  However, my boys love S'mores and I didn't keep any for them to try, so another batch might be just for them.  However, I will eat just one.  All in the name of research!

A Picture:
Right before they go in the oven.  I should have smashed them more!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Michaels- 15% Teacher Discount Everyday!

Michaels is now promoting that they are giving teachers 15% off everyday! I'm sure you will have to show some sort of identification at the register and I'm sure they won't let you use coupons with this promotion, but please let me know if that's NOT the case! I am so glad Michaels has stepped up to help teachers keep a little money in their own pockets!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on "The Greatest Queso On The Block"

Leftover Queso

There is something just wonderful about a bag of chips and a bowl of queso. Hopefully, it's the margarita in my hand close by.  Alright, so it's the fish bowl margarita and I can't hold it in my hand...whatever! Now, if I finish that fish bowl margarita, I'm sure any queso will be dubbed, "The Greatest Queso On The Block", but I decided to give this exact pin, from, a chance at the crown.

1 block cream cheese
1 block Velvetta Cheese
1 can Rotel
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 pound hamburger or sausage or combo of both

Mix all the ingredients in a crockpot or in a bowl and warm until melted and combined.  Make sure you cook this on low in your crockpot or warm would be even better if you have this feature.

The Verdict:
I really don't know if I've ever run into a "bad" queso and this one was good.  However, I don't know if it deserves the title of "The Greatest Queso On The Block."  I happen to make a much better queso.  I think I will put it on here and then pin it, "The Best Freakin Queso You Ever Ate. Fish Bowl Margarita or Not!"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dillards-30% off Clearance!

Dillards will be taking an additional 30% off all their clearanced items. The final day for this offer is today June 30th, so you better hurry and snag some deals!

Just My o"PIN"ion on Homemade Ice Packs

Shapeable Ice Packs

I have a crappy body, I'm sad to say.  At the age of 33 I often find myself smothered with Icy Hot, pulling the heating pad out yet again or icing my knee that has scars of the abuse I've inflicted on it.  Now I still cherish that body and won't say too many bad things about it as I know it could put up a harder fight and probably win.  So, I just treat it like I treat a new batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the, I have no idea why I just said that because stuffing as many of them in my mouth without burning myself has really nothing to do with how I treat my body, or does it?!  Can you tell I am just really craving chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.  Geesh!  Why didn't I choose to do the "World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" this week for my review?

Anyway, here is where I'm going with this.  I found this pin on Pinterest for a shapeable ice pack.  I won one similar to this in a giveaway from a local chiropractor's office and LOVED it!  However, I recently lost it (have since found under the couch) and remembered this pin and decided it was a perfect time to give it a whirl.  You see I basically ice my knee any night that I run, so I use it often. I would love to say I'm a marathon runner but that would be a huge lie...let's just pretend I run a half marathons for entertainment purposes!! 

The Ingredients:
3 Parts Water
1 Part Rubbing Alcohol
Ziplock Bag

Just mix 3 parts water to the one part alcohol and freeze.  I did 1 1/2 cups water and 1/2 cup alcohol and found that to be a good amount for the size Ziplock bag that I wanted.  The blogger also states that you could put food coloring in it for fun!  If it freezes too hard just add more alcohol or if it's too slushy, just add more water.

The Verdict:
Awesome!  It is a perfect ice pack.  It is shapeable so that it contours to my knee nicely and it is the perfect consistency.  Not only is it super easy but it's super cheap!  Easy and Cheap are a few of my favorite words, so BIG points for this project!

More Pics:

All Ready For The Freezer

Just Perfect For My Knee!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free Frappuccino at Target Starbucks!

Hey Starbucks fans! Buy a Frappuccino and get one free at all Target Starbucks locations. Offer good until July 2nd! Who wants to take me for a FREE Frappuccino??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on Brussels Sprouts!

I am going to admit that I was a picky child.  My mother was soft and would often make two dinners to please her children.  She still does this for her grandchildren, even going as far as making them all different things.  She does it out of love and the idea that anybody could get hungry is all too much for her.  I have inherited that trait somewhat, as I would always have snacks in my classroom because it was a reality, for my at-risk kids, that they actually would go hungry at times.  However, I'm not as nice with my children.  I might be mushy at times, but not soft.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I have NEVER tried a Brussels sprout.  I haven't heard good things about them.  They have a pretty bad reputation.  Kind of like me in high school!

Soooo...anyway... Brussels sprouts, back to Brussels sprouts.

I have seen this and similar recipes pinned on Pinterest talking about how these are so good and give Brussels sprouts a place in every one's fridge again.  So, I decided to give this grilled recipe from a try!  I mean it says it even won a contest with this recipe!  Plus it has Parmesan cheese as an ingredient!  Hello, cheese makes everything taste good, right?

The Ingredients:
The ingredients are all easy to find at any local grocery store.  Brussels sprouts, olive oil, spices, lemon zest, and the optional Parmesan cheese and bacon.  I had forgotten to put celery salt on my list, so my sprouts didn't have that ingredient nor did I use the bacon.

The Process:
This recipe was simple.  Slop everything together in a bowl, use tongs to place on a hot grill and flip every few minutes.  Toss back in the bowl, add optional ingredients and serve! 

The Verdict:
Here is the exact quote from my husband, "They still taste like nasty, wet, feet."  Although I wouldn't go that far, I wasn't impressed.  The outside tasted pretty good as that's where all the flavor was, but the insides were not good.  My children spit them out or simply licked them and turned their noses.  I ate about 4 just to give a good effort.  However, we will not be buying Brussels sprouts again.  As my friend said to me, "It's a love or hate relationship.  Hardly any in between."  Well, I officially break up with Brussels sprouts!  Here's to my trusty asparagus, corn on the cob and Steam Fresh Microwave Veggie bags!

Picture of the Process:
They are all tossed with the ingredients and ready for the grill!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion On The Neighborhood's Best Lemonade Stand

Tis summertime in all aspects of the word. The temperatures are rising, the fireflies are flashing in the cool breeze of the day and my children are driving me freaking insane by 10:00 am! Yep, it's summertime alright!

Since it's too early to start adding rum to the water (Diet Dr. Pepper) at those hours, I have been searching Pinterest for a delicious and non-alcoholic (remember, Pinterest is mostly lonely stay at home moms, so it's tough) lemonade to try.  I was also trying to find one that didn't require me to squeeze any lemons!  Heaven forbid I have to go to that much trouble!

So, when I found this recipe for the neighborhood's best lemonade stand, I decided to give it a shot!

The Ingredients:
*Country Time Lemonade Mix
*Pineapple Juice
*2 Cans Sprite
*2 Cups Water
*Lemons for Garnish-optional

Combine all ingredients in large pitcher and stir.  *Chill pineapple juice beforehand!

The Verdict:
This does not taste like lemonade!  Not what I was expecting.  It is a great PUNCH and would be perfect for just that.  However, I couldn't even really taste the lemonade flavor.  Next time I think I will make lemonade and maybe add a touch of pineapple juice...and maybe just a little rum in it, but only if it's after 10:01!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Perfectly Perfect Pecan Pancakes

A few weeks ago my husband and I took a locals advice on where to eat breakfast in a local college town.  This place is an original and had some of the best breakfast food we've eaten.  We both agreed anytime we are close, that is going to be the place we stop and eat.

I decided to take the waitresses advice as she said the pancakes were delicious and HUGE! I chose one blueberry and one pecan pancake.  I think I may have gotten something else too but that would make me seem like an over eater that can't control herself when it comes to carbs and stuffs her mouth when given the opportunity (um yeah, that about describes me).  Well, the one thing I actually finished was the pecan pancake.  Oh my love for was delicious!

I have been wanting to experiment with making my own version but I didn't want it to be too complicated and I wanted it to be as quick as the Bisquick pancakes I usually make.  So, I searched recipes, figured out what would taste good together and gave it a go.  I believe my version is pretty good.  I don't know if I can master that perfect pancake I had a few weeks ago, but I've managed to make something that I crave the day after I made them.  That's a pretty good sign!   Plus it was my first attempt.  It can only get more delicious from here, right?

Perfect Pecan Pancakes

2 cups Bisquick
1 cup milk
2 eggs
2 Tbsp. brown sugar (heaping)
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 cup pecans (I didn't measure, just poured, but it was close)

Stir all ingredients except pecans until blended.  Pour in the pecans and mix into batter.
Pour onto warm greased pan or griddle.
Cook until edges are dry and the tops bubble.  Flip and cook until golden.
Makes about 14 small pancakes.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Coke Rewards Magazine Deals

I just went and entered a few codes on My Coke Rewards and took a look at some of the rewards they are offering. They have some great magazine deals right now.
Here are my two favorites:
Wednesday Deal- Whole Living 1 year Subscription- 100 points
All You 1 year Subscription- 333 points


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on The BEST Macaroni and Cheese

So I asked my readers on Facebook if they would rather me try the "World's Best Macaroni and Cheese or Chocolate Chip Cookie?" I was secretly hoping for the cookie because I have a major sweet tooth, but instead these crazy people chose Macaroni and Cheese! Just kidding. I love my readers (no matter how insane they are). So, I had pinned two pins with the title BEST Macaroni and Cheese in them and decided which one to try. I am going to be completely honest, I chose the easy one from The one with one kind of cheese and the one I could pronounce. The other one looked divine but I would have to go to the specialty cheese part of the grocery store and find cheese I couldn't pronounce. I'm simple. I'm a mom. I'm busy...get over it and go find your own Gruyere Cheese or whatever it's called!


1 (8-ounce) package elbow macaroni, cooked and drained *This is the only change I made.  I used 16 oz. or a whole box*
2 tablespoons butter
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon onion powder
2 cups whole milk
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
6 cups sharp cheddar cheese
2 cups panko breadcrumbs
1/2 cup butter, melted


Let me take a minute to tell you how mad I get when people don't explain processes of things in order.  The directions for this dish were mostly great except when I got to the part of, add your cooked pasta.  I paused and under a few harsh words spoken silently in my head, I muttered, "They never told me to cook the pasta."  Is that common sense?  I don't think so.  But then again I thought part of the Star Spangled Banner was "donzerly light" (dawn's early light)...and I won't tell you at what age I realized it but my 6th grade teacher thought I was sure funny!

So, let me first start by saying:
1.  Cook Your Pasta!!!
2.  Then follow the rest of the directions following the link above.  The rest is easy to understand and explained well!


This is my first time making Homemade Macaroni and Cheese. I'm usually a box kind-of-gal.  However, it really wasn't that hard.  Had I cooked the noodles before I'd started, it would have been much easier!  The kids verdict was that they didn't like it and that the box kind was better.  My husband and I both agreed it needed MORE cheese.  I had looked at the comments for the recipe and most of them said it was way too cheesy even when they used 16 oz. of noodles.  That they only used 5 cups of cheese because they couldn't imagine more.  Well...I think next time I will use 8 oz. of noodles and perhaps the same amount of cheese.  Or if I do use 16 oz., I would at least use 8 cups of cheese.  Holy Cheese Batman, but I don't want a dry noodle at all!  I want them swimming in a river of cheese.  Isn't that the point...gooey, cheesy, yumminess?!

So, would I dub this the BEST Macaroni and Cheese...NO!  But I'm not going to make that fancy recipe with the gruyere cheese or however you say and spell it!  So, this will go in my recipe file and I'll put it out from time to time.  Now, how about we research those cookies!

Here are pictures of the process:
Cooking the Garlic

Halfway Through Making the Cheese Sauce
Out of the Oven


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on Tranferring Printer Text to Wood

I love anything vintage. The more distressed the better in my world. I am sooo lucky that my children also love the distressed look and have a way of making everything look vintage around here! Even though one of my favorite hobbies is to mosey around my favorite local antique stores, usually I walk away with little except for my creative juices flowing. You see, antiques are expensive. It seems like the antique look is very popular right now, so vendors have marked up their prices accordingly! So, I take ideas I see and try to recreate it in a more frugal way! I have been wanting to make a sign for my front porch that has our last name along with the year our recent home was established. I remember seeing this idea from Diddle Dumpling on Pinterest where you can transfer printer ink to wood.  So, I picked up a cute board for about $5.00 at the antique store and saved it for a moment I had time to work on this.

Diddle Dumpling has more detailed beginning instructions on how to prepare your board and the best paints to use, but I skipped this step since I bought my board ready to go!

*Wood Board that has been painted and distressed how you prefer.
*Printed Words, rotated so they are correct when you transfer them.  *Please google how to rotate your words according to your printer properties for the software you create the words in*  I used the Paint software that came with my laptop.
*Paint Brush
*Sharpie Pen
*Paint for touch ups.
*Hardware or twine to hang your sign.

I created my words using the Paint software on my computer.  I must say this is what took the longest to figure out.  I probably tried a dozen times before I got the size I wanted.  However, I finally got it just right and was ready for the next step.  I placed my wording on the sign like I wanted and somewhat creased the paper to help it stay in place, but you could also tape it to help.  Then you take a paintbrush and go over the words with water.  You don't need to get it sopping wet, just wet is fine.  Then take the lid of your sharpie and press horizontal and vertical on the letters to get them to transfer over to the wood.  Like you would for any other transfer type material.  After you get it transferred you can go over the lettering with black paint if it is too light for you.  Then put hardware to hang on the back.

So everything went great as soon as I figured out how to print the wording the way I wanted.  It was a easy, simple process that was really quick.  However, when I took the paper off the wood, there was nothing on the wood.  The ink hadn't transferred over to the wood.  After doing some research, it seems laser jet printers won't work for this project unless you use acetone.  Soooo glad they put this in the directions...ugh!  So, I found my old ink jet printer, got it hooked up after installing the driver to my computer, dusted off the cobwebs and then realized there was no ink! So the only thing I have to say is...To Be Continued!

Here are some pictures of the experience!

Use Paintbrush To Get Printing Wet
Go Over Printed Letters With Sharpie Lid to Transfer



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

$1.00 Wichita Eagle Sunday Subscriptions- CD&S Exclusive Deal!

I am so excited about this opportunity for my local readers in the Wichita area!

Tiffany Smith, from the Wichita Eagle, has given my Coupon Deals and Steals readers an exclusive deal on a Sunday Wichita Eagle subscription! We all love the Sunday paper for one reason...COUPONS! Okay, so maybe there are some great articles and it's nice to see the weather forecast for the week, but if you are a couponer, you will agree!

Here are the details at snagging the $1.00 A Week Sunday Subscription!!!
*You will have to purchase a minimum 26 Week Subscription!
*You can purchase as many subscriptions as you want- I got a couple!!
*If you are already a subscriber, just paid or renewed, Tiffany will work with you as long as you purchase an additional subscription!
*You MUST mention that Coupon Deals and Steals or Ashlei Matthews, the coupon lady, sent you!

If you have any other questions just ask Tiffany!  She is so nice and easy to work with.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Double Swag Bucks For Using Coupon Through May

Are you printing all your coupons through Swagbucks?  If you aren' better start!

They are currently doubling the points you earn for each coupon to 20 Swagbucks instead of 10. This will run through the end of May, so go print them off and don't forget to use them while you shop this

New to Swagbucks??  Go learn more here.  Two Words- "A-Mazing"...okay, that's one but it's that good!



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