Sunday, January 31, 2010

$200 January Grocery Challenge-Wrap Up

Well, this challenge was quite the adventure I must say. I learned so much (like don't let you husband go to the grocery store) and will take that wisdom with me as I continue on.
I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store this week for 2 gallons of milk but that was about it. So my total for January was $238.53. So I was over by $38.53. Also, remember that I did not buy any household goods or diapers on this budget. Stay tuned for the $200 February Challenge! It will be interesting!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Gifts from Kohls-Plus An Extra 15% Off

Are you still struggling with what to buy that special someone on Valentine's Day. I remember the year Drew bought me the ugliest white running shoes I had ever seen...seriously? First of all it was bad enough they were ugly and second...nothing says I love you like running shoes?! I was like, are you trying to tell me something??? In his defense, I had told him I wanted new shoes and he was trying to be sweet, but it didn't come across that way at the time. Needless to say, the shoes went back to the store and I bought myself something really nice.

For Today Only Kohls has a special code you can enter when you buy something on-line from their Valentine's Gift Shop. When checking out enter code LUV15OFF and get an extra 15% off your item!!! They have something for every price point and lots of cute things any wife, husband or child would love!!!

What are you buying your sweetie or sweeties (children) for Valentine's Day????

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bath and Body Works- 20% Off Coupon

20% off any purchase with this coupon for this weekend only! You can use it on-line or in-store!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fan Babies R Us on Facebook and get a $5 Gift Card!

Today only, become a Fan of Babies R Us on Facebook here and then click on sign up tab to receive a $5 gift card by email. It says the email will take a couple of days for you to receive it. This can be used at Toys R Us as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Children's Place Monster Clearance Sale

If you are out and about, and even if you are not, head on over to The Children's Place for a great clearance sale they are having. I tried to go today, but my little man was just too sleepy and it was too close to nap time. They have racks and racks of clearance items! If you go, take along this coupon for an extra 15% off. I have been told that not all stores take them, but I have never had a problem before! You can also use this coupon when shopping at They also have a clearance section. Don't forget, if you are shopping on-line, shop through so that you can earn 3% cash back on your purchase!

Monday, January 25, 2010

BOGO Free Subway Sandwiches

Go here and create your own sub and then they will email you a BOGO Free coupon! Yum! This will make for a great lunch or supper treat!

Meal Plan Monday

Monday- Salisbury Steak, Red Potatoes, Pears

Tuesday-(Coupon Class)- Hot dogs, Macaroni and Cheese
(Bar-S Coupon here, making each package just $.50 cents or less with coupon and sales at Kroger and Wal-Mart, Annie's Mac and Cheese coupon here, these can be free with a sale at Kroger.

Wednesday-Spaghetti, French Bread
(Classico Pasta Sauce coupon here, Pillsbury Italian Bread or Crescent Rolls coupon here. I always just take crescent rolls and sprinkle garlic powder on them. It's cheaper and tastes great!)

Thursday-Deer Chop Hurry (recipe here), Egg Noodles, Sweet Potatoes

Friday-(Coupon Class)- Out To Eat

Saturday- SOS (Recipe here-this is my son's favorite meal), Veggies, Mandarin Oranges

Sunday-Bacon Sandwiches, Chips
(Bar-S Coupons can be used on their bacon too)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January $200 Grocery Challenge-Didn't Listen To My Own Advice!

Here are the last words out of my mouth last week and I quote, "Leave Your Husband At Home." Well, I didn't even take my own advice and this is what my husband came home with when I asked him to stop after work to grab the $1.00 bag of chips to go with my yummy salsa.

What Mom? Daddy wasn't supposed to buy these doughnuts? But they are so good!

So...onto the challenge...we have gone over our budget and I'm afraid I still need to buy milk this week!

I had to go to the grocery store for a 1/2 gallon of milk this week and thankfully a friend gave me an extra gallon of milk that was about to expire! Then my lovely husband made his purchase (uugghhh) and I had a party I was hosting for a friend so I had to buy some snack food. So, the total for all that was $21.92. I also just got my deer meat from being processed that I halved with another friend, so that was $35.00. This is what I got...

9 lbs of ground meat

1 package of deer tenderloin

6 packages of deer chops

So, I am over my $200 Grocery Budget by $32.16 cents! Plus, there will be at least two more gallons of milk and my hubby is mad because I am refusing to buy sliced cheese...I may have to so he doesn't go to the grocery store again!!! I will save money in the long run!!!

New Post: Snail Mail Sunday!

I must admit...I look forward to going to the post office everyday! The mail is usually there by 10:00 am, so that's what my son and I do at 10:00 everyday! It's our ritual now! I get so excited about going and seeing what coupons, magazines, or freebies are waiting for me! Does this make me obsessed? Anyway, here are the Snail Mail goodies we received in the mail this week!FREE International Delight Coupon- Free coupons are gone but you can go here to print a $.55 cent off coupon.

(2) Dillons Mailers

Free Drill Bit Sizer

Taste of Home Magazine-subscriber because I love this magazine and I got it for under $4.00 for a year!
Weight Watchers- FREE subscription
Family Fun-FREE subscription

Blank Flower Cards and Envelopes

What did you get in the mail this week? Come back every Sunday for more Snail Mail Goodies!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get 1,546 Photos For Free!

I received an email from a friend that found this site explaining how you can get a total of 1,546 photos for FREE when signing up as a new customer and taking advantage of different website photo services. Now, you may have to pay some sort of shipping charges, but what a great deal! Let me know if you have found any great photo sites or gotten FREE photos before!

Thanks Candi!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Valpak Coupons Available On-Line

I was recently trying to help a family member find a good deal on a home alarm system and I happened to stumble upon the Valpak website. I had no idea these home envelope mailers were available online. Now while most of the inserts are junk mail, there are occasionally some good deals and coupons in them. Considering now that I live out in the "country", I haven't been able to receive them, so I was very excited that I found this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Major Recall of Graco/Baby Items

Go here to read a full story on Graco/DorelAsia/Tylenol/Motrin recalls. This includes over 2 million strollers and cribs, so there is bound to be a few of you with these items in your home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Splish Splash, I Make A Mess In The Bath!!

If you have little children, you are almost guaranteed that there will be splashing and lots of it at bath time!!! My little man loves to splash, thinks it is the funniest thing and there is water all over the floor to prove it! Well, I happened to read about this great little trick and thought it was GENIUS!!! So, I put it in action and my floors have been dry ever since!

All it took was a clear shower curtain liner and TADA...I can still my my little splashers but I don't have to clean up their messes! And best of all, the liners are super cheap, I bought the cheapest rings they had and I had an extra shower curtain rod! Now that's a great idea!

FREE Nintendo Wii Remote Jackets

If you purchased your Wii before the remotes had the remote jackets, you can go here and get FREE jackets so you are up with the times!!! Make sure you have the serial numbers as you will need that information for your request to go through.

Free Post-It Durable Tab Sample

Go here to fill out a form and get a FREE sample of Post-It Durable Tabs. You can also go here to get a $1.00 off coupon for the Durable Tabs as well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reward Programs for Teachers

My last post got me started thinking about who all offers discounts to teachers, so I decided to start researching and this is what I have found so far...

Office Depot Star Program- Membership is FREE and you earn a percentage of the money you spend on specific items back onto your rewards card.

Staples Reward Program-Membership is FREE and they do not have a separate teacher rewards program anymore (changed 1/1/10) and you basically get a percentage back of what you spend on specific items.

OfficeMax Rewards Program-Membership is FREE and you earn a $10 reward every time you spend $75 dollars on qualifying products (only a few things are excluded, but most everyday things are included).

Jo-Ann Teacher Reward Program-Membership is FREE and teachers are recognized with a card to get them 15% off all their purchases, plus a 20% off one purchase coupon.

Party City-although I have heard this is regional, they do give teachers a discount on their entire purchase (school or personal). You must sign up but it is FREE!

FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos)-Offers 15% off most products and services. You have to fill out an application.

Apple Store-Get special education pricing on computers, software and third-party products!

Lowes-they will do tax-exempt with paperwork but they will also cut wood and pipe for FREE. This would be great for whisper phones!

J-Crew-15% off discount. Ask at the register.

Major Cell-Phone Providers-I have heard that some will offer discounts to may want to ask!!!

25% Off At Borders For Teachers!

This is a deal I always took advantage of when I was in the classroom, as it made for some inexpensive books or resources for the classroom. But for any teacher that may not know, Borders offers a Teacher Rewards Card where you can get 25% off items for the classroom and I think they have started something new where you can use your card for your person products too and earn Bonus Bucks! Go here to read all about this program. Thank you Borders for helping out teachers. They definitely do an amazing job and don't get the credit they deserve (not that I am bias or anything!)

Bertolli Olive Oil Coupon

Here is a coupon for $1.00 off any Bertolli Olive Oil Product.

Monday, January 18, 2010

SarahJaneSalsa Review and Coupon Offer

If you love salsa as much as I do, you are going to love this offer from my friend Sarah at!!
She has a unique story and I am going to share just a little bit of it:

Sarah started her own business creating her mother's Green Tomato Salsa recipe. The vegetables in this salsa are picked fresh and create a very unique flavor. She has done exceptionally well for the few months she has been in business and has even been featured on The Good Life Radio Show.

Here is what Sarah has to say about her products:

"Our salsa is an incredible mixture of fresh, healthy and savory ingredients, all in one jar! The vegetables are picked right from the garden, chopped and then simmered for several hours until reaching the perfect spice and consistency. Choose your favorite from our mild, medium or hot flavors. Looking for something sweet and spicy? Try our Jalapeno Jelly made with fresh jalapenos and bell peppers. This tasty treat is delicious paired with cream cheese and crackers."

Sarah also has a pumpkin chili which I am definitely going to order and try when I make my next purchase!
So now the review...

My husband and I immediately opened the Mild salsa as soon as Sarah left my front door...did I mention I LOVE salsa??? I had my chips already opened and ready! All we could say was, "This is good salsa!" as we took breaths from our pig out session. So what's the temperature like for the mild flavor? Well, my 18 month old had to "dip" his chip and enjoyed it as well. This is a flavor for the whole family and will definitely be put to good use on our tacos and Mexican dishes for the next couple weeks (unless I eat it all out of the jar, which I may!) The texture is definitely thicker than a store bought salsa. It almost reminds me of a spaghetti sauce thickness. It is not watery at all as the salsa is when I make it and is just pure deliciousness!

I tried the Medium flavor on my own today and I must say I enjoy the flavors in this more than the Mild. It does have a little kick at the end but not too much where you have to stop eating it. The texture is again the same as the Mild and it is just the right balance of flavors. I think it would be too spicy for children, but for mom and dad this may be perfect!

I also got to try the Jalapeno Jelly, which Sarah has said is one of the hottest products in her line. She recommends topping it on cream cheese and just scooping it up with that's what I did! This would be perfect for a Super Bowl party or even just cuddled up on the couch watching Spongebob for the 30th time. It is a little spicy but the sweetness is also there, making it just the right balance of flavors again. I must say I like it, but I prefer the salsa...have I mentioned I LOVE salsa???

So, have I made your mouth water yet? If you are smart, which ALL of my readers are, you will go right now to and order yourself some too! Sarah has graciously offered a coupon for the readers of Coupon Deals and Steals! You have until Valentine's Day (2/14) to get $3.00 off your enture purchase of $15.00 or more! Enter Coupon Code: 052 at checkout. So go ahead and Spice Up your Sweetie, or even better, grab the salsa , some chips and curl up on the couch and dig in for yourself!

*No compensation was given for this review. I was given 2 jars of salsa and 1 jar of jelly. My free samples did not sway my opinion.

January $200 Grocery Challenge-Not Much $$ Left!

Well, I have been busy scoring some great deals and filling up our pantry and freezer, as they were VERY bare!!! I have almost spent my whole budget, but I think I can make it stretch and if I have to, go over just a bit for milk. Here is a picture from my Wal-Mart and Dillons trip I made this weekend.
For all of this I only spent $70.69 and got many items for under $.50! PLUS I was able to get Meat at this price too!

Here are some of the highlights!!


Pillsbury Crescent Rolls-FREE!

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls-FREE!

Pillsbury Biscuits-under $.50 each.

Nabisco Crackers and Cookies-6 @$.25 each, 2 @ $.50 each.

General Mills Cereal-4 @ $.87 each

Dole Mandarin Oranges-Managers Special for the Big Cans just $.89 each!

Pillsbury Brownies-FREE!

Pillsbury Frosting-$.29

Steaks-$.68 for package

Yoplait Smoothie Package-FREE!

Quaker Old Fashioned Oats-$.50 each

Chicken-Clearanced to $2.83

Bar S Smoked Sausage and Bar S Bacon-clearanced to $3.78 for both, but I had a coupon for $1.00 off, so I got both for just $2.78!!!! The Smoked Sausage will probably cook two meals too! Watch for those meat clearance deals!!!

Cool Whip-$.50 each with Manager's Special!

Here is a picture of the items I got for less than $.50!!

I also went to Aldi's on Friday, but I forgot to take a picture because I had a little boy with strep throat and he was crabby and so I just got it put away quickly. I spent $31.26 there and then I made a trip to Dillons that day too to get stuff for guacamole I was craving and I spent $6.00 on that. I also went and got milk twice for a total of $10.12. So my total for this week is $118.07!!! I must say that is a lot for a week, but we are meal planned through the 25th and then only have one more week to go in our monthly challenge and there is still more in our pantry and freezer.

Total Spent To Date: $175.75...getting a little too close! That means I only have $24.25 left. I know I will be buying Milk for sure at least twice before January is over. We will probably be sticking to the pantry for the rest of the month! I am trying to remind myself that this is the first month for my challenge and I will learn more along the way and hopefully become better at it. I haven't paid for household or toiletry items with this budget either, which I would like to be able to do eventually.

Here is a BIG tip to keep on track with your grocery budget-LEAVE THE HUSBAND AT HOME! When my husband went to grab a gallon of milk for me, he came back with two packages of cookies...Next time, I will give him only a couple dollar bills instead of a $10~lesson learned!

Meal Plan Monday

Monday-Chicken Sandwiches, Mixed Vegetables, Applesauce
Green Giant Coupon here.
Applesauce and Apple Butter Coupon here.

Tuesday-Pigs in a Blanket, Macaroni and Cheese, Pears
Crescent Roll Coupon here and here. (I think the second link is for crescent rolls too and it can make for FREE rolls if you use them on the small can that is on sale for $1.00 right now at Kroger!)
I got my Mac and Cheese for Free when there was a sale with a coupon. No longer available.

Wednesday-Grilled Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Homemade Rolls
I am going to try this recipe here for the dinner rolls.

Thursday-Spaghetti w/ Turkey Meatballs, Veggies, Garlic Crescent Rounds
Green Giant Coupon here. Crescent coupon here and here. (I just take the butter flavored crescent rolls and sprinkle garlic powder or sale on them to make them more "Italian.")

Friday-BLT Sandwiches, Chips
I would suggest signing up with Farmland to get coupons for items like bacon and sausage. There are also coupons in the Sunday inserts for their bacon as well.
You can also try to print this coupon here, but you may have to sign up with Bar S to get them. I think I printed it out before and it is $1.00 off 2 products. I got my bacon and some sausage on clearance in the meat section this week for GREAT deals on meat!!!

Saturday-Biscuits and Gravy, Hash browns
Pillsbury Biscuit coupon here.
Gravy Recipe here-It's so good!!!

Sunday-Chicken Fajitas, Chips/Salsa (Salsa provided for a Review by, Black Beans
Chicken on clearance, Fajita seasoning FREE with Old El Paso purchase of 2 products (Peelie Coupon on products)

Let me know what you are having for your meals this week. I need ideas!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ebates Program-Get Paid to Shop On-Line!!

Go here to sign up for Ebates. Ebates pays their members every time they shop on-line. Over 8 million people are signed up for this program and I am one of them! I love the refer a friend program, and would appreciate if you would let them know I sent you.

115 Items for less than $1.00 at Wal-Mart!

Couponing to Disney has updated her long list of items that you can get at Wal-Mart for $1.00 or less (some even FREE) here.

Please remember that Wal-Mart prices are regional and that the prices at your Wal-Mart may be higher or lower. Unfortunately, mine always tend to be on the higher side (darn it!).
There are some great coupons that I hadn't seen before linked on here too!

Thanks to MomsNeedToKnow for the link!

My $20.00 Target Trip

Target started having 75% off their clearance toys yesterday morning and I couldn't get there until 9pm last night (don't rush out...really! It's pretty picked over!!!)

I was able to pick up three things for Christmas/Birthday Presents this year.

The first is the My Little Pony Castle-Regular price was $32.99, but I got it for $8.24.

The Indy Car was regular price $29.99, but I got it for $7.48.

The Mighty Bean toy was regular $4.99 and I got it for $3.48 (which doesn't equal 75% off, so I will be taking that back and getting the right price)

I also got two hams for FREE with the Target coupon expiring today. Go here to print it off.

With Tax I spent right at $20.00 and Saved $67.17!!!

I Saved $297.22 at Old Navy!!!

I was tipped off from some of my fellow bloggers that Old Navy was having 50% off their already reduced clearance items, so while my hubby and I ran into town last night, we decided to stop there and see what we could score! Even he was excited!! Here is what we got with the extra 50% off and also an extra 10% off coupon from here by putting the green headband on the blond girl to the dark hair girl to the right of her!

2 Winter Hats-$.48 each

2 Toddler Rockband Shirts- $.48 each

2 Boys T-Shirts-$.48 each

2 Boys Pants- $3.99 each

1 Toddler Long Sleeve-$.48 each

2 Boys Long Sleeve-$2.99 each

3 Boys Long Sleeve-$3.24 each

3 Toddlers Pants-$2.24 each

2 Women's Shirts-$1.75 each

1 Women's Shirt-$2.49

1 Women's Sports bra-$2.99 each

1 Women's Workout Shirt-$.48 each

1 Women's Workout Shirt-$1.49 each

1 Women's Yoga Pant-$4.99 each

Total Retail Price-$354.98

Total with 10% off Coupon-$57.76

That's over an 80% savings! AND Hunter's wardrobe next year is almost bought for!!!

Old Navy is getting picked over, but you can still find some good deals, so hurry there today. The sale ends Sunday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheap All You Magazine Subscription!!

If you have been to my coupon classes you know that one of my tips is to pick this magazine up at Wal-Mart to build up your coupon stash. Well, here's an even cheaper option and you get it delivered right to your mailbox for just $1.25 an issue! Go here to score it at this price on Amazon or click on my Amazon Button on the top of my blog to order it. Shipping is free and the magazine will pay for itself in the first issue you get. Go here and see the coupons available in the February issue! There are always great coupon and money saving articles in every issue!
Thanks Hip2Save!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

$5 Wallflowers at Bath and Body!!!

This is one of those products that I just love and when they go on sale I stock up!

Right now Bath and Body Works is having a $5 Wallflower start kit and refill sale! This is a great price and it is only good until Sunday! You can order them off their website or also in-store at this price!

Here are some coupons to match up with the sale to make a great deal even better!

$10 off a $40 purchase-You could get 8 wallflower products for $30 dollars! That's just $3.75 a piece! Holy Moly! SWEET!

Free Travel Size Item with any purchase! Don't forget you can use this coupon with something as cheap as a $1.00 item!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Deal Pro Video

Well, my Deal Pro Interview from Save It Up is posted at the bottom of my blog. I couldn't get it to fit where I wanted so I just stuck it there for now. I prefer to just listen to the audio since I critique every facial expression I make...uggghhh! Not to mention I hate the "um" in the middle of it, but oh well, I was a little nervous, so it's not too bad. Also remember that I had been up since 3:30 and makeup doesn't last long on an airplane flight across the country!

$1.00 Command Strip and Hook Coupons

Go here and print this PDF coupon for $1.00 off Command Hooks. There are two different coupons on the same page. You can print this coupon off as many times as you would like. These do expire on Jan. 30th, so I will be looking for a sale within the next couple weeks to pair these with, because they are so handy to have around!
Thanks Freebies4Mom!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

K-Mart Smart Assist Program Offers Unemployed 20% Off

If you are unemployed, K-Mart has a Smart Assist Program that will let you get 20% regular priced grocery and drugstore items. There are eligibility requirements and it looks like you have to have lots of identification when you check-out, but this may be a little bit of a blessing for some across the country! The terms and conditions as well as information to sign up are located here.

Old El Paso Coupon-Green Chilis $.04 a can!!!

Right now on, there is a downloadable coupon for $.50 off any Old El Paso product. If you use your Old El Paso Green Chili coupons here along with this downloadable coupon, you can get two of them for just $.04 a can! Here's how...right now they are priced on sale at my Dillons (Kroger) store for $1.29. If you use the printable coupons and your store doubles, that will leave each can just $.29 cents. After the downloadable coupon is taken off, that will make each can just $.04! Also, don't forget to look for the peelie coupons on the Old El Paso products for a FREE seasoning when you purchase two of their products!

Dole Fruit Bowl Rebate

Beginning Jan. 10th, Dole started a 30 Day Challenge. If you purchase enough of their fruit bowls to have one each day for a month (8 of their 4-packs) and then submit the rebate here, they will send you coupons to get 4 of their 4-packs for FREE!

I know there are often coupons in the Sunday inserts for these, so if you can find some, this might make for a really good deal! I know my store also has these on sale often as well!

Thanks APennySaved!Add Image

$1/1 Cheerios Coupon

Go here to print off a $1.00/1 Cheerios Coupon.

$1/1 Quaker Oatmeal or Oats

Go here and print off a coupon for $1.00 off any Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quaker Quick or Old Fashioned Oats. Walgreens has the Quaker Oats on sale for 2/$3, so that could make two for just $1.00 after the Walgreens coupon and this coupon! Go here to see the deal!

Lots of Freebies from Vistaprint!!

I love Vistaprint! Everything I get from them is great and if I have any problems their customer service is exceptional! So, I was excited to see that they are having a "Everything Must Go" sale. You can get tons of items for free and just pay shipping! Included in the freebies are business cards, return address labels, postcards, tote bags, sticky notes, etc. Go check out their sale here.

33% off Borders coupon for Rewards Members

You can print this coupon for 33% off one regular price item or you can use promo code BMC7315K at checkout at You do have to be a rewards member, but it's free to join and I would highly recommend it. You will receive coupon offers from other stores when you sign up as well. It pays to be a rewards member!

Monday, January 11, 2010

50% off Business Cards from

Right now is offering 50% off their business cards with the code 2010BIZCARDS. You can use their own templates or use your own logo/design. I have ordered birthday invitations fromt his company and I love them! They ship quick as well!

Free Sample Celestial Green Tea

Go here on Facebook and sign up for a FREE sample of Celestial's Green Tea.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Monday-Chicken Fried Chops (click for recipe)

Porkchops-Dillons $1.99 lb.

Campbells Cream of Chicken Soup-(Smartsource 1/3)

Tuesday-Hamburger and Mushroom Rice, crescent rolls, sweet potatoes

Rice-A-Roni (Redplum 1/3-$1.00 off 3)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and most coupon inserts have them. Also, download onto your Dillons card here and here.

Wednesday-Chicken Enchiladas

4-6 chicken breasts

1 jar chicken gravy (I do a jar of cream of chicken soup and since soup was on sale, I am going to try the Nacho Cheese soup from Campbells too)

1 4 oz. can green chilis

Taco Seasoning Packet

Pinto Beans

*Put all the above ingredients in slow cooker on low for 6 hours or adjust to your preferences. Add cream cheese block and stir until melted and smooth. Fill tortillas with meat and sauce and roll. Place rolled tortillas into baking dish sprayed with a non-stick spray. Pour 1 can of Green Enchilada Sauce on top and then spread cheddar cheese on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until warm and cheese has melted.

Campbells Soup (Smartsource 1/3)

Old El Paso Green Chilis coupon here (I was able to purchase two cans for .29 cents a can and then there was a peelie coupon for B2 El Paso Products get a El Paso seasonin for FREE, so I got the seasoning for Free)

Thursday-Waffles, sausage, eggs

Bisquick Mix-coupon here for $1.00/2 or go here for a homemade recipe.

You can sign up here to register for Farmland coupons.

Eggs we get from our friend that raises them on his farm.


Saturday-Homemade Hamburger Pizza-like an actual hamburger!

Pizza recipe here. Homemade Pizza Crust here.

French's mustard coupon here.

Sunday-Beef Stroganoff, Biscuits, veggie steamer bag

Green Giant Steamer Bag coupon here and in most coupon inserts.

Pillsbury biscuit coupons here and downloadable coupons here and here.

Beef in the meat clearance section at my local Dillons.

How Can I Use Those Holiday Clearance Items All Year?

I love finding those After Christmas Bargains! Last year I was able to get a 9 ft. pre-lit tree for under $100! I really enjoyed my savings this year when it took us a whole 10 minutes to put up! So this year, I decided to think outside the box when I went shopping at Target this week. The holiday items were marked at 90% off, making for some very sweet deals! I was trying to think of ways to use these items all year around...I think I have come up with some clever uses for them and I hope you like them and find them useful! Share your ideas or great bargains with us as well! I would love to hear them!

I purchased two sets of cards for $1.00. There were 18 cards and 18 envelopes (this price is cheap enough just for the envelopes).
I then covered the front and back of the card with scrapbook paper that I have in high supply here at my house. I just measured the card and then cut the paper the same size. I attached it with tape and added another piece of paper for embellishment and a clip art image to the front.

I covered the holiday message inside the card with some more scrapbook paper and some cutouts and added a title using Microsoft Word.

And the end result, is a card you can use for any occasion for less than $.03!!!!

I saw this idea on Rachel Ray and thought it was very clever. If you have those pieces of Christmas paper that are too little for another present or maybe just a little bit of the roll left and don't want to store it or maybe you don't like storing already opened rolls, just run the paper through your shredder. You can then use the shredded paper to fill up gift baskets or gift bags throughout the year!

Nobody will be able to tell it's Christmas paper because the images are so small now!

I bought this last year after Christmas to actually use as my tree skirt, but I saw them on clearance and thought that this could make a great felt board. You could just lay it out on the floor like this or take some plywood board and staple the felt onto it.

Your felt pieces should stick just fine, mine did!

I was able to pick up some holiday garland for our tree next year for just $.10 cents a package. I was able to think of another use though...

Why not snip the ends and use this for confetti. This would be especially great for graduation parties or prom tables. Can you imagine how much confetti you could get using just one package?


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