Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Organic Coupons From Mambo Sprouts!

Go and check out the newest coupons from Mambo Sprouts. They are all organic/gluten free products! Many of these items can be inexpensive paired with a sale!

FREE Crest Toothpaste At Dillon's This Week!

Dillon's has Crest toothpaste on sale this week for just $1.00! Pair this sale with the $1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste Coupons from April P&G inserts and you will score FREE toothpaste! There was also a $0.75/1 coupon in a recent P&G coupon mailer that came to me yesterday! This will double to $1.00, making it FREE also!

This is where having multiple copies of inserts come in handy! And remember-if your store is out, ask for a rain check and since the coupons expire on Saturday, tell them you want to be able to use the coupon when they come back in stock! Hopefully they will be nice and staple them with a manager's approval!

Don't forget you could price match at Wal-Mart too!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheap Milk? Freeze It!

I remember walking across the street in my little hometown many moons ago and getting a gallon of milk for $1.59 (or something close to that)! Milk has now doubled since then and now that I have three boys and a cookie and milk-a-holic husband...well, we spend a LOT of money on milk!

Dillon's has their 1/2 gallons this week for just $1.00! This is stockpile price for me! Concerned that you won't get through all those milks by their expiration date? Freeze Them! Yep you heard me right!!!

I have been freezing milk for awhile now. Whenever I find an amazing deal on milk I grab a few to throw in the freezer. So how do you do it and does it taste good (I know that's the big question)!

First, you want to write the date that you put the milk in the freezer with a permanent marker. When you thaw it out, write that date down as well. You have the same number of days until it expires that you would have had without freezing it. So, if you put it in the freezer on May 1st and it expires May 11th, when you take it out on August 5th, you have until August 15th until it expires.

Some people let out a little milk to allow room to expand but I never have and (knock on wood) I have never had a mess or one explode! I have mostly frozen 2% and Vitamin D milk but I have heard some people say all milk freezes well and I have heard others say NEVER freeze Skim!

Now, thawing it out will take a few days in the freezer! So, when to take the milk out of the freezer is something to consider depending how fast you go through it! I can't taste a difference and the only thing that may be different is there could be a few ice crystals for awhile until it is truly thawed but it is worth it at how much money we are saving!

It will pay to try this for yourself! Let me know if you've tried it before and how well it worked for you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$5.00 Diapers- Babies R Us!

Babies R Us/Toys R Us is having a 1 Day Sale for Rewards R Us members and you can score some deals! You must have these coupons for the sale!

One of the best deals is their $5.00 packages of diapers. There is a limit of 4 per customer. This is the same price they have them on the Day After Thanksgiving!!

Another good deal I see is to save $10.00 on a $50.00 or more purchase of formula. Since this is a store coupon after it rings up and takes the $10.00 off you should be able to use Manufacturer coupons to match up with what you purchase! With the $5.00 Similac coupons still floating around this could be a great deal! You could even see if they will take your Similac checks with this deal too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Meal Plan Monday!

I have got to get better about meal planning again! I sometimes fall off the wagon too!

For Dinner This Week We Will Be Having:

-Spaghetti, Garlic Crescent Rolls, Salad

-Panko Chicken Strips, Veggies

-Skillet Ham, Eggs, Biscuits

-Meatloaf, Potatoes, Veggies

-Out To Eat (Garage Sale Final Set-up)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updated List Of Coupon Policies!

With all the new Coupon Policy changes I am giving you the links to where you can find the new policies so you can print them and keep them handy!

New Wal-Mart Coupon Policy Here- *Note-If you use a coupon that exceeds the price of the product, the overage will apply to other items in your basket!!!

New Wal-Mart Price Matching Policy Here

Target Coupon Policy Here

Target Price Matching Policy Here

Walgreen's Coupon Policy Here

Homeland Coupon Policy Here- *Note- Only 1 Like Coupon Per Day! So only 1 box of cereal for a great price instead of being able to buy the store out!

These are for the stores in my area. If you are looking for another store, please comment below and I will provide the link!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Get Cash Back With Your Ebay Groupon!

There was a HOT Groupon a few weeks ago for Ebay! I hope some of you grabbed it!

Just a reminder that you can shop through eBay Coupons at ShopAtHome or Ebates to get Cash Back when you use this Groupon! It varies from 1%-4% back depending on what you purchase! It may not be much, but this is FREE money and every bit adds up! Don't forget, when you sign up you will get a $5 sign up credit when you make a purchase (read details on the site)!

~This post includes affiliate links.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Amazon Deal- Raisin Bran 4 pack for just $8.84!

Update- Looks like it is $9.30 right now but the Raisin Bran Crunch is a better deal! Hurry Fast if you want this deal as the price goes up rather quickly!

Right now you can get a 4-pack of Raisin Bran for just $2.42 a box! This may not be a bottom dollar price for some, but it is still a good deal with no coupons and free shipping! Delivered to your door means not spending your gas money too!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Frugal Friday- 20 Tips To Save Money On Gas!

With gas prices expected to rise to $5.00 a gallon this summer, it's apparent that this is going to be a budget buster for our pocketbooks! I have taken a few small steps to try to save money at the pump. I live about 30 minutes from the nearest big city, so that is quite a bit of gas traveling back and forth. If I don't plan ahead, I go there often. So, I have started making a conscience effort to stay home more, shop locally and pre-plan trips where I can get many errands done in one day!

I recently read an article on 20 Tips To Save Money On Gas by The Bargainist and found a few more simple ways of helping keep more money in my wallet than spending it at the pump...

*Park In The Shade

*Don't Top Off Your Tank

*Use The Cruise Control

Here is the entire article from The Bargainist!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ebates- Double Cash Back Event!

Needing a new grill or maybe summer clothes for the kids? Well, now is the perfect time to buy them! Right now, Ebates is offering Double Cash Back at select stores! Shop at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, JcPenny and more and get rewarded with double the cash back!

What is Ebates? Ebates is a Cash Back Site. Start your on-line shopping there. Then find the store you want to shop at by typing it in the search bar. It will redirect you to the store's website. Shop and checkout like normal, but you will receive a percentage of your total as cash back into your Ebates account! Once you get $20 in your account, they send you a check!

Even better...some of these stores allow for in-store no shipping charges! Or look through coupons listed under the stores to find possible free shipping codes! Or visit for possible coupon codes as well!

Go here to sign-up at Ebates and GET SHOPPING!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

$0.75 Mom's Best Naturals Cereal Coupon=Cheap Oatmeal!

There is a new special offer for a $0.75 coupon to Mom's Best Naturals Cereal or Oatmeal! All you have to do is register your email address and they will send you a confirmation that provides a link to print your coupon! Don't forget you can print 2x!

Last time I checked their oatmeal was just $1.29 at Dillon's, making them just $0.29 after doubling! I have also seen select boxes of cereal go on sale for around $1.00, making this either CHEAP or FREE!

Friday, April 1, 2011

*HOT* New Coupons To Print!

Coupons have reset since it's the beginning of the month at and!

I just went and looked and there are some great coupons available right now to print...but Hurry as they will be gone soon!

Here are a few of my favorites along with the zip code to get them if necessary!

-$0.35/1 Goldfish Graham Crackers (67209)

-$0.75 Snikiddy Snacks (67209)

-B1G1 Powerade (67209)

-$0.75/1 Kraft 2% Cheese Singles (67209)

-$1.00/1 Blue Bunny Ice Cream -1.75 QT (80001)


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