Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cheap Milk? Freeze It!

I remember walking across the street in my little hometown many moons ago and getting a gallon of milk for $1.59 (or something close to that)! Milk has now doubled since then and now that I have three boys and a cookie and milk-a-holic husband...well, we spend a LOT of money on milk!

Dillon's has their 1/2 gallons this week for just $1.00! This is stockpile price for me! Concerned that you won't get through all those milks by their expiration date? Freeze Them! Yep you heard me right!!!

I have been freezing milk for awhile now. Whenever I find an amazing deal on milk I grab a few to throw in the freezer. So how do you do it and does it taste good (I know that's the big question)!

First, you want to write the date that you put the milk in the freezer with a permanent marker. When you thaw it out, write that date down as well. You have the same number of days until it expires that you would have had without freezing it. So, if you put it in the freezer on May 1st and it expires May 11th, when you take it out on August 5th, you have until August 15th until it expires.

Some people let out a little milk to allow room to expand but I never have and (knock on wood) I have never had a mess or one explode! I have mostly frozen 2% and Vitamin D milk but I have heard some people say all milk freezes well and I have heard others say NEVER freeze Skim!

Now, thawing it out will take a few days in the freezer! So, when to take the milk out of the freezer is something to consider depending how fast you go through it! I can't taste a difference and the only thing that may be different is there could be a few ice crystals for awhile until it is truly thawed but it is worth it at how much money we are saving!

It will pay to try this for yourself! Let me know if you've tried it before and how well it worked for you!

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