Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Enter A Giveaway!

I have seen and heard much confusion when it comes to entering one of my giveaways! I understand it can be confusing, so I have been wanting to show you to make it easier for both of us!! Here is an explanation, with pictures for those of you that are visual learners like myself! I hope this helps everyone! If you have any more questions, just let me know!

We are going to start by pretending we are on Facebook~ Most of you come to my site from here so we are taking it from the beginning!

This is what one of my posts look like on Facebook. You will usually find a link that I have put on Facebook from my website (coupondealsandsteals.blogspot.com). The arrow is pointing to that link. Click that link (blue words) and it will take you to my website and that post.

Okay, now you are on my website and are at the post I have directed you to and you have clicked on.

The top arrow is showing you that you are now on my website. The second arrow is showing you what a post is.

Now, you are ready to read the post and listen to all the intelligent things I have to say! LOL! At the bottom of the post you will come to the comment form! This is where you enter for the giveaway!

Simply enter a comment in the box telling me you did one of the requirements for the giveaway and hit Post! You will repeat if you are doing more than one requirement! You may not see your comment right away as I have to approve it!!

So...that's it! That wasn't too hard, was it? I hope that helps you understand how to enter giveaways so you can now become a giveaway maniac!!!

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