Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Shopping Tip #1...

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many of us don't have time or don't think about being extra observant when we are out shopping. Here are a couple of my safety tips so that you can shop safely and enjoy this joyous season.

* Be aware of your surroundings. Look behind you when walking out to the car. Check around your car in a busy parking lot before you get in. Look inside your car before getting in.
* Always walk out to your car with another person if you can. If you are alone try to walk next to other shoppers in the area. More things happen the farther you get out in the parking lot, so try to park close and next to a light.
* Don't be embarrassed to ask a security guard to walk you out. That's what they are getting paid for!
* Carry your cash in your front pockets. If you do carry a purse, make sure it is carried in front of you. If you do carry a purse you might consider still carrying your license and credit card in your front pocket so that if it does get stolen you still have those items on you. You could also leave your purse at home and just carry your id and credit card on you.
* Always accompany your child to the bathroom and try to find one close to the food court. Don't use a bathroom that is in a corner of a store or mall.
* Don't let your kids play in the arcade while you shop...predators are just looking for people like you and will take advantage of a child left alone! If possible, leave them at home with a friend or relative.
* Have your keys ready when you leave the store. You don't want to be searching for them in your purse when you get to your car. This would be a perfect opportunity for something to happen since you are distracted.
* Make sure you get your debit or credit card back after making your purchases!
* Listen to your gut instincts. If something just doesn't feel right, listen to yourself! Better safe than sorry!


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