Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dillons Trip 8-17-10

*Not pictured-Diet Dr. Pepper 12 Pack

Dillons is running their Mega Event Sale through next week and I went and did some stocking up on items we use on a regular basis!

I definitely preplanned for this trip. It honestly took me several hours to look at ads, find coupons, buy coupons and figure it all out. I had 9 transactions of the 8 items, so 72 Mega Event when I got there, they were out of some items, so I circled those and replaced them with other Mega Event items to make sure I still had 72 items. I took along a few extra coupons and then just chose the $0.40 Del Monte pears and the $0.49 Powerade to fill in where needed!

*Hint-make sure and look at the price tags carefully! They had the Del Monte fruit on sale for $0.78 but the pear halves were marked down even further to just $0.40!!!! So, that made the deal even sweeter!!! I STOCKED UP!

I also managed to get all the cereal (7 boxes) for just $0.48 a box! Who can pass up cereal when it's that cheap? Especially when we go through a box a week! Check and other coupon websites for the Trix and Cocoa Puff coupons!!

I also stocked up on some meat. They had Roasts B1G1 Free...this is when I buy my expensive meat! I got two of them for just $10.00...that's only $5.00 a roast! Should have grabbed more but I didn't like the cuts as well with what was left! Also grabbed hamburger, chicken and more chicken!

Also, not in the Mega Event but on sale was the Hefty bags. Not sure if they are on sale this week or not! They were 10/$10 and when I went to go stock up they had a pile of them in a lane and many of them had $0.15 coupons attached to them, doubling to $0.3o off! Look for those sticky coupons as I found some on the boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes too!

So, all together I spent $220.00 and saved $155.00! Not quite 50% but I did splurge and buy my son some snacks he really wanted for his school lunches! And sometimes, it's not a coupon that makes you happy but the smile on a child's face!

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