Friday, August 27, 2010

Frugal Friday Tip- Make It From Scratch!

I often think about the time when we had a two income family and how we just went grocery shopping without giving money much thought. I would buy "convenience" items just to save time at breakfast, lunch and dinner! Now, while I may miss that extra money, I certainly don't miss that girl. Learning how to live on a budget and how to actually cook is something that has helped my family in the end. Now, some of us are still busy, busy, busy and may not have time to cook everyday. But, creating a day out of the month just to do some "from scratch cooking" will not only save you some money but it will put some smiles on the people eating that food too!

After learning how to budget and create meal plans, I started wondering about some of the foods we love and if I could make them from scratch. Here are some of my family's favorite recipes. I have adapted a few to make it easier or faster, but they are so worth the time you put on a Sunday to do it! Not only that, but much more FRUGAL! Not only that but these items generally freeze well and are so convenient when time is limited!

Breakfast Pockets- I use Rhodes White Dinner Rolls instead of making my own dough. Just roll one ball out, put mixture in, and cover it with another rolled out roll.
This is our FAVORITE from scratch recipe!!!

Homemade Pizza- We love it and way cheaper than the pizza place in town! I always make extra dough and freeze it for another time.

Homemade Granola Bars- You can add your own ingredients to make them as healthy or not as you want!

Hot Cocoa- Excited to try this when it finally gets COOL!!!! Makes a nice size container and just take out what you need!

What are your best "From Scratch" ideas? How has cooking from scratch saved you money?

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