Friday, February 11, 2011

Frugal Friday Post- Frugal Bottle Warmer!

It's amazing the gadgets they have now for babies! It's all about convenience and making it seem like you just "have" to "HAVE" it!

One day when I was out shopping pre-baby and getting last minute things, I headed over to the bottle warmers. I was asking the sales lady at a baby chain store if she had any experience with bottle I had none! I was thinking it might come in handy for those early morning/late night feedings when I can barely see straight, let alone warm a bottle! It's then when she said...just use a crockpot! "What...a crockpot?" I said as my frugal ears were now on fire!!! So, she explained it to me, and I thought it was genius!

So, what you do is put some water in a crockpot and set it on high to get warm. It will take a few hours. When it is at the right temp just set on low or stay warm depending how your crockpot heats. Then stick a bottle of just water in and let it sit and get warm. Then when feeding time comes, pull it out and add formula! Not only is it that easy but it also humidifies your house!

You don't have to use a large crockpot for this, it's just all I have!

Has anybody else tried this? Do you have any frugal baby ideas to share?

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