Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week- Gift Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week and I think it is very important to express to your child's teacher that you appreciate everything they do! Now, as most of you know, I was a teacher in my former life. I taught 1st and 2nd grade for 7 years and enjoyed almost every minute of it! I don't think anyone, except fellow teachers, understands what teachers do everyday or the obstacles they have to face. It's not about going to work, teaching and then having a loooong Summer Break. It's hard and teachers are some of the most amazing people I know!

So, take a minute to do something for a teacher...no matter how little or big it is!

Here are some ideas that I personally love!

*A Letter-I think my best gift was a mother who wrote me a long letter thanking me for everything. It made me cry and realize why I do what I do. Sometimes teachers go unnoticed, especially good ones. To know people, especially parents are noticing how great you are is indescribable!

*Something Personal- I'm not talking about something with the teacher's name, although nice. I am talking about getting your teacher a Starbucks gift card because she brings in coffee from there everyday. Or maybe a new plant because she told you how much she likes to garden. It shows that you are listening and care to get to know them!

*Books- I love books and think almost every teacher does! Make it more special by having the student write a note in the book so the teacher can always remember whenever they read that book!

*Gift Certificate to a Teacher Supply Store- Teachers spend their own money on their classrooms! Usually they only get a small budget and that budget could maybe last a few months if you are lucky! I spent hundreds of dollars every year out of my own pocketbook! This is nice because the teacher can get things they need without paying for it!

*Framed Poem- One year I also got a special poem in a frame. It was so sweet and I enjoyed hanging it in my room.

~No matter how little or small, your teacher will love anything you get them. It is the thought that counts and teachers are easy to make happy!
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