Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dillons Trip 12-3

Total for All This: $84.11
Saved: $65.57
Percent Saved: 78%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dillons was having a One-Day sale today, so I was lucky enough that I was going to town so I could score on some of the great deals! Here are some of the highlights of my trip today.
Tonys Pizza-$1.00, used $1.00/2 MQ, making them .50 each!
Lunchables-$1.67, used $.55 cent coupon which doubled to $1.00, making them $.67 each!
Kroger Cheese-2 packages for $2.46, used $1.50 off 2 lbs. cheese, making them $.48 each!
Egglands Eggs- 2 cartons for $3.98, used BOGO Free coupon, making them $.99 each!
Betty Crocker Frosting- $1.89, used $.50 MQ, which doubled to $1.00 and $.50 Cfire, making it $.39!
Betty Crocker Potato Box-$1.69, used $.40 MQ, which doubled to $.80 and $.50 Cfire, making it $.39!
Nestle Jingles Candy-$1.88, used $1.00 MQs, making them $.88 each!
Hostess Cupcakes-$3.99, used FREE coupon, making them FREE!
Goldfish-$1.99, used $.75 MQ, which doubled to $1.00, making them $1.00!
Pillsbury Biscuits-$1.00 each, used $.30/2, which doubled to $.60, making them $.70 each, and then I had (2) Cfire and (1) Scuts for $.30, so that made 6 cans for $.55 each!
Carnation Evaporated Milk: $1.29, used $1.00 MQ, making it $.29!

I tried to include the things that weren't involved in the One-Day sale so you could go score these deals too...some of the coupons I listed have expired or are no longer available for print. I tried to link you to working ones though! Post pics or comments about your deals because I know a lot of you scored some great deals today!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on a great trip!!

  2. I also had a lot of luck at Dillons for their 1 day sale.



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