Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugal Friday Tip- Don't Throw Those Nectarines Away!

I type the words, Don't Throw Away, out of shame. You see, I just threw 3 rotten nectarines away, wasting about $2.00. I could have done quite a bit with that $2.00. I could have rented 2 movies. I could have went and bought my kids ice cream after their first day of school, or even paid for a shirt on clearance at Target. But instead, I threw it away! *Smacking myself on the forehead*

So, out of frustration, I give you this Friday's Frugal Tip- Don't Throw Anything Away!

Here are some ideas of what you can do with that one potato you have leftover or those 3 nectarines that aren't quite ready to throw away! *Smacking myself on the forehead once again*

*Have a few vegetables leftover from dinner? Take them and put them in a gallon size freezer bag. Keep adding those leftover vegetables until you have enough in your bag to make vegetable soup or to add to your roast!

*Potatoes- Shred them up to make hash browns!

*Fruit- cut up, flash freeze and bag them up. Use for smoothies or in pancakes!

*Bananas gone brown? Just stick them in the freezer. You decide if you want to cut up or just stick the whole thing doesn't matter!

*Bread-use day old bread for croutons!

*Juice from Canned Fruit- freeze in ice cube tray and use for smoothies! (Thanks Annette)

*Pasta Sauce- freeze it and use for that next spaghetti dinner!

*Onions and Peppers- chop them up, freeze them and then just break off how much you need!

Have anything else to add to the list? Comment below!

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