Friday, August 12, 2011

Frugal Friday-When School Supplies Go On Clearance!

Part of the fun of the beginning of school is going shopping for those brand new school supplies, clothes, shoes, etc. However, fun doesn't mean the same thing as frugal! So, how can you save money but still get the "new" feeling that comes with back to school shopping?

Most school provide a school supply list with all the grades listed. This list doesn't change much from year to year. When all the back to school items go on clearance or get extremely cheap (think packs of pencils for a penny), buy several packages for the next year. You will always be buying glue sticks, pencils, crayons, erasers, etc. Keep them in a tub for easy access to have when the teacher asks your children to bring in replacements as well!

Then, next year pull the tub out, set up a store and have your kids "shop" for the items off their list. There may be a few items you have to find on sale but the remainder of your items should have only cost you a few dollars compared to what it would have been! Anything leftover can be put in an art tub or donated to your child's classroom!

Do you have any frugal back to school ideas? Leave a comment below and share them with us!

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