Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just My o"PIN"ion on Ribbon Headbands!

Welcome to my new series where I try something I've pinned on Pinterest and tell you my o"PIN"ion on it. I have probably 100's of pins on my various boards and yet I've completed just a few. There are so many cute things out there but most of them I it really that easy, will that really taste good, and is this really worth the time and effort to get all my supplies out? I am going to help answer those question one pin at a time.

So first up...Ribbon Headbands from The Crafty Scientist. I decided to try something easy this week in hopes that if it went well, you can get in the spirit and complete something quick and easy yourself.

So here's the scoop on if these little guys are worth it.

Supplies- Simple enough! Just 2 rubber bands, ribbon, needle, thread and a candle or flame. It says a measuring tape or ruler, but I found no need for that really. I think it's because I'm gifted;) LOL!

Directions- Pretty Clear. The rubber band knot step is easier if you just do it and not look at the directions in my opinion. The pictures confused me for about 20 seconds and so I just did it without looking and got it.

My experience-
First of all, I am not a sewer. I couldn't find my sewing kit so I grabbed my scrapbooking needle which is about 6 inches long so that really made my sewing skills look like that of a 4 year olds, but hey, I'm ok with that.

This project would have been finished in about 5-10 minutes if I didn't have a couple of turds for children that have to make my life hard at times that I'm trying to keep it very easy. See pictures below.

Here are some pictures from my crafty experience:

I told you I wasn't the best sewer! Got things a little tangled at first.

This would be the part of the experience that took the longest. Helping my lovely 3 year old roll up all that ribbon again!

Ta-Da...All Done!

The Verdict- Very easy, very simple, fast craft that is worth the few minutes to make. I would suggest making it tighter than you think you might need it. Mine is a little loose. I think this would be adorable for little girls and what an easy, cheap way to match any outfit they have!

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