Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging Goals 2011

With the New Year comes those famous resolutions. A time for us review, dream about size 8 jeans again and make goals about the changes we are going to make.

I must admit that my blog has not been a huge priority in my life this year. With this pregnancy came many challenges, including downright exhaustion! With exhaustion came laziness and well with laziness comes lack of motivation.

I do this blog because I like to help people save money and reach for financial freedom. I get VERY LITTLE money doing this and I do specify VERY LITTLE! So sometimes, it's the first thing I cross off when I am extremely busy with my life.

But it is a new year and I am excited to try to regain passion and enthusiasm for my work. I am going to attempt at making this my best blogging year yet. I want to create more opportunities for myself and for you. I want to teach you more and help you gain an even better understanding of living large without spending more. I am going to have you hold myself accountable but I also want you to realize that you are all part of this too. Please share comments, leave a great deal you found on my Facebook page, interact with each other and have this be a website you WANT to come to everyday!

Your comments renew my energy. They give what I am doing a purpose. They make me realize that you are watching, listening and most importantly reading what I write! Nobody likes to talk to the air, so please take a minute on comment on a post or send me an email. I would greatly appreciate the encouragement!

So, here are my 2011 Blogging Goals:

1. Meal Plan Monday EVERY week w/ links to cheap and great recipes I have tried!

2. Frugal Friday-a frugal tip to help you get inspired or take away a cost in your life!

3. Store 101 Posts- I am hoping to teach you more about the stores you are shopping at and how to use coupons at those stores.

4. Dedicate 1 hour per day to posting deals!

We are going to start there and see how it goes. I am hoping to maybe add more as the baby gets older and on a schedule. I think it will be easier than getting back into the size 8 jeans I keep dreaming about!

Happy 2011 Everyone! Wishing you all a year of great things!

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