Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Target Trip

Have I ever told anyone how much I LOVE Target??!!!
Case in point...my shopping trip last night.
Here is what I scored for next to nothing!

Total: $21.92
SAVED: $56.41 WOW!!!
That's quite a savings!

Baby Einstein Movies: This was a special treat for Cooper because we keep watching the same one over and over and over in the car. Now that we are going to be driving to and from Conway more, it was time to listen to something different! Well the movies were $14.99, but I noticed a coupon on the tape for $10.00 off if you bought another one, so I figured, why NOT spend a few extra dollars for another one! This would be a GREAT baby shower gift or Christmas present!!
Wipes-FREE...They were 2.39, but I had a $2.00 off MQ and a $1.50 Target Q, so I made $1.11 on this!!! MONEYMAKER!
Boost Drink- These are $9.99. I had a $5.00 MQ and a $2.00 Target Q, making one $2.99. I also had a Buy One Get One Free Q, so I got the other for FREE!
Candles- These are on sale for $1.66. I had (3) $1.50 MQ, making them $.16 cents. I also had (3) Buy one candle tin get one refill FREE, so three were free. I also had buy 2 refills get one FREE! So all the refills were FREE! The best deal is that when the screen prompts the cashier to put in the amount for the FREE items, they almost always put in the highest value the coupon will pay...in my case $3.99 for each refill! Well, they were on sale for $2.50, so I made $1.49 on each refill!
AND that my friends is an amazing shopping trip!
If I wouldn't have bought the movies, I would have paid NOTHING! In this case, I would have had to do some filler items so that I could have got it for pennies, but since I had the movies, I was good!
Happy Shopping Everyone! I hope you score some great deals this week!!!

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  1. You're an inspiration! Good job! I feel pretty good when I just use the stinking things! I did get $10 off some Crest whitening strips and was very happy about that! And I LOVE that you can download coupons to your Dillons card so you don't have to carry the coupons in.



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