Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bargain Bandits Photos

Here are the first Bargain Bandit Photos I have gotten! Thanks to Patricia for the great pics and information!! This was my most recent grocery trip to Homeland and my first major shopping trip since your coupon class. Total retail = $265.10; I paid $137.68; Saved $127.42 (48%)!!! I’m now keeping a photo journal of my shopping trips for myself (& my husband). As you said there is a learning curve here in working the coupons to your maximum savings, I’m definitely finding more coupons I can use in the paper & online, and spotting better deals in the stores. I've found the pantry inventory sheets and the meal planner sheets very helpful!

The week before Easter the Dillon’s Market Place ad showed buy one get one free on ALL Crayola items (did not note any exclusions). Dillon’s stores at Maple & 123rd Street and Central & Maize did not have signs for this sale, but when I mentioned the ad to them they verified and honored it, even on clearance items. Dillon’s Marketplace at 21st Street & Maize had their sale signs up and also clearance items tagged, neither notated that clearance items were not included in the B1G1 sale. I thought this might be an issue, but I picked out what I wanted and went up to customer service to ask before proceeding to checkout. Customer service said the clearance items would not be included in the sale, but since the ad and signs did not state this, I kindly asked for a manager. The manager was very nice and looked it over and agreed they could not do the B1G1 on the clearance items. I said ok and politely explained that as a consumer it was a confusing advertisement and proceeded to put what I had back on the shelf and walk away. Before I could turn the cart around that manager called her supervisor and they decided to honor their advertisement for ME on the clearance items, she told me to get what I wanted and they checked me out at customer service. Just goes to show that reading the ad clearly, politely pointing out the discrepancy, having patience, and being willing to walk away with a cheerful attitude can work to your advantage.

Total retail $62.28; I paid $19.69; Saved $42.59 (68%)!!!

Not sure what all this Bargain Bandit talk is? Go here to read my previous post on it!

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