Friday, April 2, 2010

Frugal Friday Tips x 3!!!

I am so sorry I have not posted a Frugal Friday tip for 3 I am going to give you 3 tips today to make up for the past two weeks...I might even throw an extra one in there for good measure!

Reuse Ziploc Bags! Do not throw them away if all they had in them were a few cookies...wipe out the crumbs and reuse them! I do this all the time for my bigger size bags that I go through faster! If I used one to hold muffins in the freezer, when the last one is gone, I simply wipe it out and reuse it!

Get your candles to last longer by chilling them! This is an old trick that is used by frugal people and the candle companies themselves. Chilling the candles before you use them makes the wax burn more slowly and evenly. Some say that the best way to do this is to freeze the candles for 24 hours before burning them. Others say that just storing them in the refrigerator for eight hours before you burn them is enough to do the trick.
Thanks TheDigerati Life!

Tip #3-
Do Not shop the end caps at the stores! They often place middle to higher priced items there to make you believe that you are getting a good deal! If you go around the corner you will often find a very similar product much cheaper! This happened with me the other day on copy paper at the "W" store! I went around the corner and saved $0.50 on a package of copy paper with the same amount, quality, etc.!

Extra- Think of what you can cut in half and still get a full use out of! For example-I had some Disposable Face Wash clothes that I had gotten on sale for very little and cut them in half. I could still wash my entire face with one but now I was getting double the usage!! Other ideas: dryer sheets, cleaning wipes, baby wipes.

Do you have any great Frugal Tips? Please send them to me at and get your frugal tip published! Or...share them with us here so we can all read about them!

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