Monday, April 26, 2010

Become Review and Giveaway!!

Have you heard of Become products yet? I hadn't either until I met consultant Garlene at a recent event. She was wanting to get these great products noticed and asked for my help!!! I am so glad I did.
I was very hesitant about trying the skincare products too...just ask Garlene, but I finally did and now I will be purchasing these products for myself!

What makes Become products so much better than other brands – more expensive brands and brands that cost less?
Quite simply, your skin is the best judge. It will tell you which products it prefers; just give it a chance! We are confident that the judgement will be positive for become products. Our products are multifunctional with a holistic approach. They have been tested by real women in Australia proving their effectiveness under any conditions and up to 9 out of 10 people who buy our products once buy them again because they getting outstanding results month after month of use.

I loved the fact that all products are tested on humans for 2 years before they are marketed plus All products have a 45 day guarantee!!! This is amazing!!! You would be crazy not to give it a try!!!!

I used and reviewed 4 different products.

Weekend Sampler Kit- This is just a sampler kit.. Product packages vary from $79-$440 and individually they vary from $19-64. The sampler includes the Age Resistant Foaming Cleanser, Spray Toner, Day Cream, Hydration Serum, Face Smoothing Gel and Eye Cream. I got enough product to last me over the weekend and even though it was only a short period of time, I can honestly say that I just felt a difference when using it and the days following! The package says See it. Feel it. Love it!!! Guess what...I did so much that I am buying the products!!!!

Rejuvenating Hand Cream- $15.00 This lotion is suppose to promote natural rejuvenation for hands and create a protective barrier and provide instant hydration. It left a nice feeling on your hands and didn't leave them greasy which was nice. It also had a nice orange scent. It is a nice lotion but it is nothing that screams "Wow" at me. The consultant did say this is a very popular product, so I am sure there are lots of people very impressed with it!

Nail Strengthener/Nail Nourisher-$32.00 for both. My nails constantly get abused with the typing, dishes, etc. that go on in my daily life. So this was the product I was most excited about trying. The Strengthener is supposed to condition and toughen the nail without making them brittle. It is a brilliant solution for those out you who want to grow out your nails after having acrylics!!! I used mine exactly as the directions stated and I actually had to cut my nails today because they were so long and not breaking!!! It does have a nice pale pink color to it too. The Nourisher protects, condition and softens the cuticles of your nails. This is a huge problem for me! I have seen improvement in my cuticles and am thrilled about this product!!!

Lip Gloss-$14.00 This lip gloss is not only pretty but it contains innovative active ingredients to promote collagen production, stimulate cell renewal, plus moisturize and protect! Although this is a nice product, I still don't know if I have seen any collagen production or cell renewal. I don't know if this is something you would see or not? Anyway, a nice product but again, not a "Wow"!

They have so many other great products and are even launching a acne line in August! You can go visit their website here if you are interested in learning more or seeing their complete line.

Thanks to Garlene, a Become Consultant, she is creating a special deal just for Coupon Deals and Steals readers! She will not only be giving you 20% off your purchase until May 7th, but she is also giving away 2 Weekend Sampler Packs and 1 Nail Strengthener/Nail Nourisher Product!!!
If you would like to purchase any product, please go through Garlene as she will give you the discounted Home Clinic price. She will deliver in the Wichita area or will ship for an additional charge. If you are interested in trying out the products, please contact her as you can try them for FREE!!!

Garlene can be contacted by emailing her at: or by calling her at

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