Monday, February 1, 2010

$200 February Grocery Challenge

Here we are for my second attempt at my $200 Grocery Challenge. I went over in January by about $40.00 and I plan to once again go over in February. Why do I know already? Well, because I hit the Mega Event at my local Dillons this weekend and have basically spent almost all my grocery money. Now, I knew I was going to do it and I know it's okay because I have stockpiled so many things, filled my freezer again, and bought quite a bit of meat and dairy to help us out for the next couple months. Whenever there is a Mega Event, I always spend more than normal. You can get things for dirt cheap, if not free, and stock up on lots of items you use everyday! So, this is going to be a long post...Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Here are the before pictures of my refrigerator and freezer. It was sad, very sad. I think the dog was even sad and we don't even have a dog! It was that bad! It was screaming for a Mega Event and it came just in time!

Now for the good stuff. I actually did 7 Mega Event transactions where I bought 70 items that were participating and got $5 off each transaction or $.50 cents off each item. I then had $108.00 dollars just in coupons! You should have seen the stack and what was even better was the reaction from the lady behind me! Let's just say she is hosting a coupon class!!! To make things easier, we are going to go ahead and count toiletry items and household items as I bought a lot of those items and I don't want to refigure figures! SO, I am going to allow myself $50.00 more dollars this month for those items. Here is my shopping trip...

The total before coupons and store sales was $442.02. The total after my coupons and store sales and promotions was $213.68!!! I saved 53%!!! You should have seen how full my cart was!

Highlights-I put a (ME) before it if it was a participating Mega Event Item.

(ME) La Victoria Salsa-each jar was just $.49 cents after the Mega Event deal and coupons. The coupons are no longer available.

(ME) Chex Mix-$.29 cents after coupons here or in Sunday Inserts.

(ME) Johnsonville Bratwurst and Italian Sausage-$1.99 a package after coupons here after you sign up for the Enthusiast Club. I bought 6 packages at that price!

Dannon Yogurt- these were on sale for $1.88 a package. Use the various coupons for the Sunday Inserts and they will double to $1.00 off, making each package just $.88 cents!

(ME) Tide-$5.96 after coupons in Sunday inserts! Be careful because different scents were different prices. I would have paid an extra dollar just to have some Downy in my Tide!

Healthy Choice Meals-FREE! after coupons from here and downloadable coupons to my store card! They don't have the same coupons anymore, but here's $1.00 off two.

(ME) Edy's Ice Cream- $1.77 after coupon here. Some stores have not taken this coupon, but mine did just fine! I would have bought more as Ice Cream is my favorite thing in the world, but I had willpower on this trip!

Pillsbury Items(7)- $.93 cents each after coupons and Catalina for $4.00 off my next purchase!

Milk-I happened to be there when they were doing a WOW sale at just $1.99 a gallon. I stuck one gallon in the freezer. I also used my B2G1 Free 1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk coupon here when you enter the Great Gallon Give!

(ME) Electrasol Dishwasher Tablets-$.49 after coupons!

I got lots of other items for FREE or under $.50 but that is a few highlights. For a more detailed listing of prices and participating items visit Couponing 101!

Here are my AFTER pictures of my refrigerator and freezer!

So that means only $36.32 for the month. I am going to try my hardest at not going too much over. Stay tuned to see how I do!

Did you shop the Mega Event? Link pictures here so everyone can see!


  1. I shopped at our local Kroger for the Mega Event.
    My results:
    $369 BEFORE
    $192 AFTER
    $177 savings with discounts, promotions, and coupons!!!!



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