Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirty Dozen- Consider Organic!

I have started trying to make my home a little greener and healthier for all of us. I have been reading more and more about chemicals in the home and in our food. I don't usually buy organic produce unless I can get a good deal on it, but I am going to start looking for organic items that fit into the "dirty dozen." These are fruits and vegetables that are most contaminated and suggested you buy organic.

12 Most Contaminated
■Sweet Bell Peppers
■Grapes (Imported)

Also: Here are the items that are the least contaminated. I wouldn't buy organic for these items unless they are cheaper than the regular produce. I would still however, wash them well.

12 Least Contaminated
■Sweet Corn (Frozen)
■Sweet Peas (Frozen)
■Kiwi Fruit

Here is a downloadable wallet guide for easy reference!

I hope this information helps answer the question, "What Organic Items Should I Buy?"

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