Monday, January 18, 2010

SarahJaneSalsa Review and Coupon Offer

If you love salsa as much as I do, you are going to love this offer from my friend Sarah at!!
She has a unique story and I am going to share just a little bit of it:

Sarah started her own business creating her mother's Green Tomato Salsa recipe. The vegetables in this salsa are picked fresh and create a very unique flavor. She has done exceptionally well for the few months she has been in business and has even been featured on The Good Life Radio Show.

Here is what Sarah has to say about her products:

"Our salsa is an incredible mixture of fresh, healthy and savory ingredients, all in one jar! The vegetables are picked right from the garden, chopped and then simmered for several hours until reaching the perfect spice and consistency. Choose your favorite from our mild, medium or hot flavors. Looking for something sweet and spicy? Try our Jalapeno Jelly made with fresh jalapenos and bell peppers. This tasty treat is delicious paired with cream cheese and crackers."

Sarah also has a pumpkin chili which I am definitely going to order and try when I make my next purchase!
So now the review...

My husband and I immediately opened the Mild salsa as soon as Sarah left my front door...did I mention I LOVE salsa??? I had my chips already opened and ready! All we could say was, "This is good salsa!" as we took breaths from our pig out session. So what's the temperature like for the mild flavor? Well, my 18 month old had to "dip" his chip and enjoyed it as well. This is a flavor for the whole family and will definitely be put to good use on our tacos and Mexican dishes for the next couple weeks (unless I eat it all out of the jar, which I may!) The texture is definitely thicker than a store bought salsa. It almost reminds me of a spaghetti sauce thickness. It is not watery at all as the salsa is when I make it and is just pure deliciousness!

I tried the Medium flavor on my own today and I must say I enjoy the flavors in this more than the Mild. It does have a little kick at the end but not too much where you have to stop eating it. The texture is again the same as the Mild and it is just the right balance of flavors. I think it would be too spicy for children, but for mom and dad this may be perfect!

I also got to try the Jalapeno Jelly, which Sarah has said is one of the hottest products in her line. She recommends topping it on cream cheese and just scooping it up with that's what I did! This would be perfect for a Super Bowl party or even just cuddled up on the couch watching Spongebob for the 30th time. It is a little spicy but the sweetness is also there, making it just the right balance of flavors again. I must say I like it, but I prefer the salsa...have I mentioned I LOVE salsa???

So, have I made your mouth water yet? If you are smart, which ALL of my readers are, you will go right now to and order yourself some too! Sarah has graciously offered a coupon for the readers of Coupon Deals and Steals! You have until Valentine's Day (2/14) to get $3.00 off your enture purchase of $15.00 or more! Enter Coupon Code: 052 at checkout. So go ahead and Spice Up your Sweetie, or even better, grab the salsa , some chips and curl up on the couch and dig in for yourself!

*No compensation was given for this review. I was given 2 jars of salsa and 1 jar of jelly. My free samples did not sway my opinion.

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  1. LOVE her salsa!!! So good. I think I'm going to have to go and order some more.



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