Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Saved $297.22 at Old Navy!!!

I was tipped off from some of my fellow bloggers that Old Navy was having 50% off their already reduced clearance items, so while my hubby and I ran into town last night, we decided to stop there and see what we could score! Even he was excited!! Here is what we got with the extra 50% off and also an extra 10% off coupon from here by putting the green headband on the blond girl to the dark hair girl to the right of her!

2 Winter Hats-$.48 each

2 Toddler Rockband Shirts- $.48 each

2 Boys T-Shirts-$.48 each

2 Boys Pants- $3.99 each

1 Toddler Long Sleeve-$.48 each

2 Boys Long Sleeve-$2.99 each

3 Boys Long Sleeve-$3.24 each

3 Toddlers Pants-$2.24 each

2 Women's Shirts-$1.75 each

1 Women's Shirt-$2.49

1 Women's Sports bra-$2.99 each

1 Women's Workout Shirt-$.48 each

1 Women's Workout Shirt-$1.49 each

1 Women's Yoga Pant-$4.99 each

Total Retail Price-$354.98

Total with 10% off Coupon-$57.76

That's over an 80% savings! AND Hunter's wardrobe next year is almost bought for!!!

Old Navy is getting picked over, but you can still find some good deals, so hurry there today. The sale ends Sunday!


  1. WOW I'M SO JEALOUS I wasn't able to make it to ON yet and fear that when I do go later there will NOT be anything left. IMPRESSIVE haul though

  2. I got there too late for any toddlers clothes :( But I did get a ton of great deals!! Feel free to check mine out :)

  3. great job. I picked up one of those RockBand t's for my son for next year too, but mine weren't $0.48... more like $1.48... but still a steal and too cute! I can't wait to lay my haul out and post a blog... but it'll be a few days before I can manage that. =) I shopped the clearance early, (starting on the 4th) and then took my receipts in for price adjustments on Friday... made for great prices and great selection on the oft picked-over kids clothes. Planning to do it again for summer clothes for my kids later this year.



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