Sunday, January 24, 2010

January $200 Grocery Challenge-Didn't Listen To My Own Advice!

Here are the last words out of my mouth last week and I quote, "Leave Your Husband At Home." Well, I didn't even take my own advice and this is what my husband came home with when I asked him to stop after work to grab the $1.00 bag of chips to go with my yummy salsa.

What Mom? Daddy wasn't supposed to buy these doughnuts? But they are so good!

So...onto the challenge...we have gone over our budget and I'm afraid I still need to buy milk this week!

I had to go to the grocery store for a 1/2 gallon of milk this week and thankfully a friend gave me an extra gallon of milk that was about to expire! Then my lovely husband made his purchase (uugghhh) and I had a party I was hosting for a friend so I had to buy some snack food. So, the total for all that was $21.92. I also just got my deer meat from being processed that I halved with another friend, so that was $35.00. This is what I got...

9 lbs of ground meat

1 package of deer tenderloin

6 packages of deer chops

So, I am over my $200 Grocery Budget by $32.16 cents! Plus, there will be at least two more gallons of milk and my hubby is mad because I am refusing to buy sliced cheese...I may have to so he doesn't go to the grocery store again!!! I will save money in the long run!!!


  1. LMBO!!!! I can so see Drew eyes wide open at the grocery store. I just can't stop laughing!!


  3. He's learning very slowly! He was like "But I got a DEAL on it!"



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