Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Can I Use Those Holiday Clearance Items All Year?

I love finding those After Christmas Bargains! Last year I was able to get a 9 ft. pre-lit tree for under $100! I really enjoyed my savings this year when it took us a whole 10 minutes to put up! So this year, I decided to think outside the box when I went shopping at Target this week. The holiday items were marked at 90% off, making for some very sweet deals! I was trying to think of ways to use these items all year around...I think I have come up with some clever uses for them and I hope you like them and find them useful! Share your ideas or great bargains with us as well! I would love to hear them!

I purchased two sets of cards for $1.00. There were 18 cards and 18 envelopes (this price is cheap enough just for the envelopes).
I then covered the front and back of the card with scrapbook paper that I have in high supply here at my house. I just measured the card and then cut the paper the same size. I attached it with tape and added another piece of paper for embellishment and a clip art image to the front.

I covered the holiday message inside the card with some more scrapbook paper and some cutouts and added a title using Microsoft Word.

And the end result, is a card you can use for any occasion for less than $.03!!!!

I saw this idea on Rachel Ray and thought it was very clever. If you have those pieces of Christmas paper that are too little for another present or maybe just a little bit of the roll left and don't want to store it or maybe you don't like storing already opened rolls, just run the paper through your shredder. You can then use the shredded paper to fill up gift baskets or gift bags throughout the year!

Nobody will be able to tell it's Christmas paper because the images are so small now!

I bought this last year after Christmas to actually use as my tree skirt, but I saw them on clearance and thought that this could make a great felt board. You could just lay it out on the floor like this or take some plywood board and staple the felt onto it.

Your felt pieces should stick just fine, mine did!

I was able to pick up some holiday garland for our tree next year for just $.10 cents a package. I was able to think of another use though...

Why not snip the ends and use this for confetti. This would be especially great for graduation parties or prom tables. Can you imagine how much confetti you could get using just one package?


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