Monday, March 15, 2010

$18.58 for $104.18 Worth of Toys at Wal-Mart!!!

WOW!!! I can't even believe the great deals that I scored at Wal-Mart today on toys! I ran into Wal-Mart yesterday when I was with my mom and forgot my coupon binder at home (Broke Rule #1!...proves I am human!) and of course, I saw all these board games and toys on sale that I knew I had coupons for! So, luckily my son had an appointment today so I could have an excuse to stop at Wal-Mart to this time, score the deals!

Here is the breakdown of the deals: All coupons can be found here.
**I did have to get managers approval on the Hungry Hippo Coupons and the Monopoly Card Game Coupons...I just explained it didn't say a specific game or size and the box said game...they approved it. Just FYI to have your explanation ready because the register will beep! They will try to just say you can't use it...ASK FOR THE MANAGER!

Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head-On sale for $5.00 each, used the $2.00/1 Classic Potato Head Coupon=$3.00 each
Hungry Hippo Travel Games- (2) $5.24, used the $4.00/1 Hungry Hippo Game coupon=$1.24 each

Connect 4-On sale for $5.00, used the $4.00/1 Connect 4 coupon=$1.00!!! (Trust me, I am searching for more of these coupons!)

Monopoly Card Games-On sale for $4.00, used $5.00/1 Coupon=FREE +1.00 Money Maker!! I would have had more but I had printed these off earlier and those expired last week...of course!
*Other card games were on sale too, so take all your card game coupons!
**If you were lucky enough to get the B2G1 Card Games Coupon in select Sunday Parade/USA Magazine and this could be a even GREATER DEAL!!

Monopoly City Games-On sale for $15.00, used the $10.00/1 Monopoly City game=$5.00 each!! These are regularly $29.88!!!

If I would have paid regular price, with no sales or coupon, the total would be: $104.18!!
I saved: $85.60 (83%)

These will make great Christmas/Birthday Presents for Friends and Family!!!
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