Monday, March 8, 2010

March $200 Grocery Challenge

Last night I ran to Dillons to try to grab some great deals going on with the Cart Buster Deal Event! Now, I am trying something new. I am going to try to only grocery shop every two weeks. I have to drive about 30 minutes to get into town and my car is a hug gas guzzler, so I need to save some money and I am getting tired of the drive! So, I sat down, planned two weeks worth of meals, made my list, matched up my coupons and headed out. I knew I had around $100 to work with, so I started my shopping trip with getting the essential items (those were the ones I had to have to make my meals. I had my calculator in hand so I added it all up and figured out how much I had after that to spend on "stockpiling" and sale items. I also found some great meat deals and took advantage of those. I also stayed UNDER budget! Here is the picture and break down of the highlights!

Before Coupons-$190.35
After Coupons- $97.01
Percent Saved-49%


Veggie Steamers: $0.28 after coupons. (Find coupon links in Monday Meal Plan Post) One package FREE after downloaded coupon.

Betty Crocker Potato Pouches- FREE after coupons. (Find coupon links in Monday Meal Plan Post)

Mission Tortillas-$1.00 after coupons

Teddy Grahams- $0.50 after coupons

Old El Paso-$1.00 and two items FREE with Peelies

Betty Crocker Desserts- $0.29 after Coupons and Downloaded Coupons

Raisin Bran-$0.99

Lucky Charms- Family Size-$2.49 (over my normal $1.50 limit, but it was a huge box and my son would be in heaven!)

Chips Ahoy- FREE with coupon


Hamburger- On sale for $4.98 for 3 pounds, that just $1.66 a pound!

Cake Mix-Free with Coupon

Peanut Butter-$1.49 for Huge Jar with coupon.

Flour-I swear the sign said $1.77, so with my coupon it should have been $0.77 cents, but it rang up at $1.99, so it was $0.99 cents. Can anybody let me know how much it is if they go shopping again in my area!

Pillsbury-$0.75-$0.95 after coupons.

Total Spent So Far In March: $139.58
Money Left: $60.42

Comment and let us know how much you saved with your shopping trips this week!

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