Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swagbucks Giveaway...Starts Now!!!

Update: I only have access to my referral page and not all of your Swagbucks will show up on my referral page as I only get shown the bucks you earn for "searching", not special offers, etc. To be fair, I will only be able to use the totals I have on my page at the end of the giveaway about a FUN Giveaway!

You have all heard me talk about Swagbucks and many of you have signed up! Lots of you are earning those swagbucks but some of you are sitting at 0...that's right nada, zilch, none...what a shame really! I have earned almost $50 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards already from my Swagbucks!!! I see a FREE Christmas in our future!

I want all of you to have a FREE or at least CHEAP Christmas here is my idea I have come up with!!! First you must register through Swagbucks under my account. If you have followed any of my links on my posts, you should be listed as my referrals. Don't know if you are...just send me a email!

Start earning as many swagbucks as you can from now until Sunday, April 4th. I will pick the winner at 10 pm (CT). I will give you 1 entry for every 10 Swagbucks you have accumulated by my friend Mandy...yeah, she has 700 Swagbucks right she will have 70 entries!! Oh, and Lori has 310, so she will have 31 entries...Now for all you 0 people out there...if you don't start earning you will have 0, nada, zilch, none, NO entries...bummer right?!?!?! But you have LOTS OF TIME to change that!

Don't know what I'm talking about...Swagbucks, what are they?? Well, go read Swagbucks 101 to learn more! To start earning, just go here and sign up! It's easy as...well searching the Internet! you want to know what the giveaway about a $10.00 Target Gift Card!!!
Winner will be announced on Monday, April 5th!
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