Monday, March 1, 2010

Meal Plan Monday-3/1/10

Forgive me for posting this so late, but I could seriously not do any extra posts today with my giveaways taking all my time and my 19 month old taking any extra seconds I had. On the postive note, this day went Super Fast and I didn't eat much! I think I will start a Blogger Diet and market it! Maybe that's my calling on how to become Rich and Famous!

I have a NEW plan for my Meal Plans and I am going to see how it works for the next couple of weeks. I am hoping it makes my planning easier, but I am not sure yet! If I don't like it I will just go back to the old way, but thought jazzing it up might be fun!

Okay, so here is my "jazzed up" plan. I will try to link up coupons, but can't guarantee it everytime! And definitely not tonight! I am pooped!

Monday- Meatless Monday (Trying to cut down our grocery budget-my hubby isn't happy)
We didn't start our Meal Plan today because Mommy wasn't here to cook! Daddy fed us Frozen Pizza w/meat! Next week mommy has a great recipe!

Tuesday-Try it Tuesday (try a new recipe we've never had before) Please send me your best recipes for this day! I will give you credit in the post!

Cheeseburger Meatloaf-recipe here. I am going to use 1 lb. regular hamburger and 1 lb. deer meat and make a double batch so I have one to freeze!

Wednesday-Worry-Free Wednesday (Crockpot Meal)

Slow Cooker Carnitas- recipe here. We like a different recipe but I don't have all the ingredients, so we will try this one and adapt it a little!

Thursday- Thin Thursday (Healthy Meal)

Maple Salmon w/Rice- recipe here. I just know my kids are going to be eating nuggets this night! Maybe my hubby too, but momma only cooks one meal, you want something else, make it yourself!

Friday- Family Favorite Friday (just as it says, a meal that's our family's favorite!)

Fish Sticks, Baked Potatoes, Rolls

Saturday- SOOOO Not Cookin Saturday (Eat Out)

Sunday- SOOOO Hope Our Parents Invite Us Out For Dinner Sunday (if not, Super Easy Sunday which will be something quick or a frozen meal)

Parents house or Frozen Salisbury Steaks and BBQ Riblets with Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Veggie.

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