Monday, March 1, 2010

March $200 Grocery Challenge

A new month means a new $200 Challenge!

If you are local to Wichita, KS, you are IN FOR A TREAT! I just found out last week from my friend Jaime, that Homeland in Haysville DOUBLES $1.00 COUPONS! I can't tell you how excited I was to hear this. So after calling them twice to double check their coupon policy, here it is:

*Will double up to $1.00-meaning $1.00 becomes $2.00!
*They take Internet Coupons!!!
*Will not double coupons if it says No Doubling on the coupon. (A Little Bummer)
*5 Like Coupons per transaction-which means I can use 5 Honey Nut Cheerio Coupons but if I buy a 6th box I can't use a 6th coupon. They said per customer, per I think it would depend on the cashier and manager if they would let you do more than one transaction.

**You must sign up for their Homeland Card to get this policy to work! I just went to Customer Service and it took 1 minute!

Here are my observations:

*Check the sales ad on-line here to see what deals you can get with coupons beforehand. I did spend about 2 hours there but I wasn't familiar with the store and the products they had, so I was doing lots of "extra" shopping!
*Some prices are much higher! Their Pillsbury items are outrageous! However, lots of things were similar or cheaper!
*To get the best deals, focus on the $1.00 coupons, anything else would probably be cheaper elsewhere.

So, here's a picture of my shopping trip. Before Store Sales and Coupons the total was $127.04

After Sales and Coupons my Total was :$42.57
Total Savings: $84.47
% Saved: 66%

-3 cases of Coke Products- 3/$5!!! It was originally priced at 3/$11, but I had $1.00 off coupons from RecycleBank, so those doubled to $2.00 each product, so that took $6 off total, making it just $1.66 a 12-Pack!!!!!!!
-3 FREE Wonka Candy!

-(2) Cheetos-$1.00 a bag!

-(3)Ritz Cracker Packags-$0.39 each!

-(2) Cheez Nips- FREE!

-(2) Bagel Bites-$0.59 each!

-Wholly Guacamole-$0.99!!! They have the lowest regular price I've seen on this product!

-(2) PB&J Sandwiches-$0.89 each!

-(6) Rice A Roni-$0.33 each!

-Quaker Oatmeal-$0.99!

-(2) Goldfish-$1.00 each!

-(2) Chocolate Chips-$1.29 each!

-(2) Breakfast Bowls-$1.87 each!

-(2)Chocolate Cheerios-$0.50 each!

-(2) Honey Nut Cheerios-$0.50 each!

-(3) Greek Yogurt-$0.72 each! *I have been wanting to try these or I wouldn't have bought them.

-Rhodes Rolls-$2.59!

-(2) Lindsay Olives-$0.49 each!

-Kool-Aid Fizzer-$0.49!

-(2) 12 Package Pop-Tarts-$1.99 each!

-(2) Lunchables-$0.29 each!

-Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll-$0.08!

-Fish Sticks-$2.99!

**The only thing I didn't have a coupon for was the Sargento Ricotta Cheese ($3.39) but I went ahead and got it because I knew I would have some overage if they didn't price adjust my coupons for some of the FREE coupons!

I will probably try to hit Homeland Once A Month to stock up on snack items and sale items!

Money Left For The Month: $115.53!!!

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