Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Cheap" Spring Break Ideas...

Spring Break has started for many children, which in my house will mean one bored little boy if I don't keep him entertained! So I am sure many parents are looking for "cheap" activities to keep their kids busy and mom from having to pull out too many hairs!!!

(I have provided local business links for all my Wichita, KS readers)

-Check with your local library for children and teen programs during break. Many of them are free with a membership and memberships are almost always free too!

-Have a picnic outside. Too cold? Have it inside!

-Take your kids fishing or better yet, maybe dad can take off work for this activity!!

-Do a community service project together, like picking up trash at your park or volunteering at an animal shelter.

-Conduct some fun science experiments. There are many that require very few materials or ones that you should have around the house! It may be messy, but it will be fun for everyone and they are learning while they are playing!

-Visit a nature center or park in your area. Go on a nature hunt for different items and then make a nature collage with them when you get home.

-Have a Movie Marathon complete with popcorn!! We have a local video store where kids can rent select movies for FREE, even without an adult rental!

-Dust those board games off and have a game day! There are some great coupons for games here in case you need to go out and grab a few!

-Have each of your children pick a special recipe they would like to make that week and make it with them! Have them even help with the planning process and grocery shopping!

Activities that may cost a little but sure would be fun!

-Have a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Taste Test (or your family's favorite flavor). Visit different ice cream shops in the area and try the same flavor at each place. Have a form to fill out to rate each ice cream cone. You could do one each day or a couple during the week!

-Visit your local zoo! You have to pay admission, but you could spend all day there! Take your own lunches, drinks and snacks to keep costs down.

-Visit a museum. (Wichita-Museum of World Treasures has Spring Break Programs. Get info. here. City Arts also has several programs. Call them for more info. Their classes cost $20.00 a child.

-Go see a movie. We have a local theatre that shows $2.00 shows. They have several kid movies this week.

-Go see a movie at the Drive-In this weekend, as many of them are now open for the our town, it is just $10 a carload!

What do you have planned for Spring Break? Please start a discussion with FREE or FRUGAL ideas that you have! I think we would ALL love to hear them!

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